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Friday, January 4, 2013

Can the Bengals reverse the result this year against Houston? Wilcard weekend picks.

The Bengals and Texans face off for the second postseason in a row.  Will the results be different this time?

The Playoffs start this weekend and some teams will be one and done. 

Here are this weekends winners and losers.

AFC Wild Card Game - #6 Bengals at #3 Texans

This is a very interesting game.  The Bengals have been red hot headed into the playoffs and the Texans have been a disaster the last several weeks.  At one point the Texans were the best team in the league, now they look like a mess.  I picked the Texans to play in the Super Bowl before the season started, now I think they're done.

The Bengals defense and passing game take down the struggling Texans.  Bengals win.

AFC Wild Card Game - #5 Colts at #3 Ravens

The Colts and Andrew Luck are the feel good story of the NFL this season.  The Ravens continue to struggle on offense.  The Ravens have the RB and WR to put up points, the problem is their QB isn't any good.  Looking at the Ravens schedule they haven't beaten anyone this season. 

I like where the Colts are right now and I don't trust Flacco.  Colts win.

NFC Wild Card Game - #6 Vikings at #3 Packers

The Vikings and AP beat the Packers last week.  That was a great story and AP almost broke the rushing record but that wont happen again.  The Packers have enough offense to beat the Vikings this week but they don't have enough defense to go all the way.

Packers get revenge this week and beat the Vikings.

NFC Wild Card Game - #5 Seahawks at #4 Redskins

Everyone is jumping on the Seahawks bandwagon based on their play the second half of the season.  They have a great defense and great running game, that can travel anywhere.  The big question is how will Wilson play in the playoffs on the road.  Good thing for Seattle, they're playing a rookie QB this week.  The Redskins and RG3 have been on a roll the second half of the season.  I like their running game and passing attach with RG3.  Their defense is ok but not great.  

The difference here is that Seattle has an elite defense and because of that, they win.

Scott King

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