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Saturday, January 12, 2013

BREAKING: Joe Flacco leads the Ravens the Broncos in double overtime

Joe Flacco has outplayed Peyton Manning and led the Ravens past the Broncos.

This was one of the best playoff games I've seen in awhile.  There were turnovers, returns for TDs and two overtimes.

In the end, Joe Flacco stepped up and won this game for Baltimore.  His completion percentage wasn't great again but, he had some huge passes down field that were the difference in the game.  His pass to Jones at the end of regulation was clutch.

Peyton Manning played well but turned the ball over and threw a terrible INT in the second OT.  

I question why the Broncos didn't try to win it in regulation with two timeouts and 30sec left.  Fox will be answering those questions for awhile.

Don't forget, Tim Tebow now has more playoff wins in Denver than Peyton Manning.

I've been extremely critical of Flacco, today I give him credit, he won the game.


Scott King

1 comment:

  1. This was a game of football by 2 teams of equal value and the Ravens pulled it off for a win. That was any 2 teams game but Manning didn't use enough caution in that 2nd OT. Any team would make good use of those kind of mistakes. Great game. One of the best of the year in entire football.