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Friday, December 14, 2012

Will the Saints really lose Sean Payton for good? A look at Head Coaches in trouble this offseason.

The Saints were devastated by the bounty situation this season.  Now they face the realization that Sean Payton may move on for good.

As we get closer to the end of the season it's time to start looking ahead to the coaching changes for next year.

Here's a quick look at the teams I think will, or should, be looking for a coaching change when the season ends.

Buffalo Bills - The Bills spent a lot of money on Defense bringing in Mario Williams this offseason, that did it pay off at all. On top of that they paid Ryan Fitzpatrick like a starting QB and they're finding out that he isn't one. They can run the ball but lack talent on both sides of the ball. I think ultimately it'll be the Fitzpatrick decision that costs Galey in Buffalo.

Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags are a franchise in a difficult position. They have a new Owner and no one is showing up to the games. They thought Gabbert was a franchise QB, I never did, and it turns out he's not. I do like Henne and he can play but he's not staying. This team needs a new coach and new QB to get things moving in the right direction. As someone that went to every game of the Jaguars first two seasons I hate to say this but, they need a new city. This team should move to LA. Mularkey is in a no win situation.

Tennessee Titans - The Titans picked Jake Locker and decided he was the future of the franchise. I never bought into him and it looks like I'm right. He has flashes but isn't consistent enough to be a starter in this league. When Matt Hasselbeck is an equal or better option, it's time to move on from Locker. QB and Coach are linked at the hip, Munchak is on his way out.

Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs are dealing with a terrible situation and I can't begin to understand what Romeo is going through after seeing his player commit suicide in front of him. With that said, this team is bad and the Coach is going to pay for it. Not only is the coach gone but the entire Pats west experiment is over. The Owner needs to start from the top down and figure everything out. They have no QB but they do have some parts on both sides of the ball., but they're still years away.

San Diego Chargers - How Norv Turner has kept his job the last few seasons is one of the biggest mysteries in the NFL. I think everyone that follows football has seen this coming, except the Chargers. The talent has deteriorated over the years and now I don't know what direction they are going to head. I'd like to see them trade Rivers and give Him a shot at a Super Bowl, because he's not winning one there.

Carolina Panthers - The Panthers took a huge step backwards this season. I'm shocked at how poorly they handled Cam Newton in his second season. The GM is already gone and he pushed the Owner into hiring Rivera. I don't think Ron is going to be there after the season ends. They need to bring in an offensive coach that can figure out how to use the weapons they have. They also need a top notch defensive coordinator to build a decent defense.

Oakland Raiders - I don't have a good reason why Dennis Allen should be fired, but it's the Raiders so you can count on them doing something no one expects. There were some rumors about Gruden returning as a coach. I think they should hire him as President of everything football and let him run the show. Until they bring in a football guy this team isn't going anywhere.

Philadelphia Eagles - After all these seasons the Andy Reid era is coming to a disastrous end. I feel for Andy, this is not how he wanted things to end in Phili. If they had a solid WR throughout McNabb's best years they probably would have win a Super Bowl. However, in this league if you don't have a franchise QB and some rings, your message gets stale and the franchise has to move on. Going with Vick isn't the reason Reid is gone, but it's a factor. There are some playmakers on this team, they just need a coach and QB that can pull it all together.

New Orleans Saints - The Saints coaching situation is tied to the last team on my list, the Cowboys. Sean Payton was suspended for the season for the bounty gate situation, I'm not going to get into that here. What is interesting is that Sean's contract was voided by the NFL.  People are saying that there's no way Sean will leave NO and Drew Brees. Lets be realistic, how many people would pass up a dream job and more pay to stay where they're comfortable. Payton is dealing with some personal issues that make Dallas an interesting option also. Never underestimate the influence of family on people's decisions. I think Jerry is going to make a hard run at Payton and, when its all over, the Saints will be looking for a new coach next season.

Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys are underachieving again this season. I continue to say it, with the talent they have on offense they should average 24pts a game. I believed in Dallas this season, I drafted Romo and Austin on my fantasy team. The issues here start with Jerry and flow through the entire organization. Jerry should hand over control of to franchise but he never will. The next best thing is to bring in an outstanding coach, that is Sean Payton.

Coaching is an impossible job, you have to give everything you have and only 1 in 32 has a successful season. Don't feel sorry for them, it's the choice they made. The seven figure contracts help ease the pain too.

Scott King


  1. Why should Sean Payton go with a crazy Jerry Jones who runs all over the field mad waving pink slips and Tony Oh Oh Romo in favor of super talented Drew Brees and Tom Benson. This is wishful thinking. Ain't going to happen no matter how much money Jerry Jones throws around.

  2. I don't believe Payton will leave NOLA. He made Drew Brees. Literally! Bress also needs Payton. Romo is the problem at Dallas, not the coach!

  3. Been a Dallas guru since 1960 and if you think Romo is the problem you'd better remove your blindfold and start watching the game analytically instead of sleeping through it.


  5. Sean Peyton is freinds with Jimmy Johnson. How many fishing trips do you thinks these guys went on and the coversation shifted to how great it is to work for JJ? Pipedreams... The Saints will work it out and Jerry thinks any coach can win him a Super Bowl anyhow.. He's been a terrible decision maker as an owner and even worse of one as a GM. Best thing he will do for the Cowboys in the offseason is add a water park to the stadium..