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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Texans are a different team without Arian Foster. Power Rankings

The Texans need to worry about Foster's availability.

Here are my Power Rankings and a quick note about each team.

1) San Francisco - Don't panic after lose in Seattle.

2) Texans - They are solid on both sides of the ball.

3) Patriots - Suspect defense keep them from the top spot.

4) Denver - On the rise, are they a Super Bowl sleeper?

5) Falcons - They need to show me something in the postseason.

6) Seattle - They can't win on the road in the playoffs.

7) Packers - Need defensive players to get healthy and produce.

8) Dallas - They've won some games but they're not going anywhere in the postseason.

9) Bears - They cannot protect Cutler and therefore can't win in the playoffs.

10) Steelers - Injuries have slowed this team.

11) Ravens - They're old on defense and Flacco can't lead them to the Super Bowl.

12) Giants - Too many questions for them to make another run.

13) Colts - Luck has this team in the playoffs, an amazing story that won't end in the Super Bowl.

14) Minnesota - They need more playmakers on offense.

15) Bengals - This is a good young team but still growing.

16) Washington - RG3 has this team winning but they're not a great team.

17) Saints - Amazing offense and no defense.

18) Titans - This team has some talent but have done nothing to bring it all together.

19) Tampa - This is a solid young team growing in the right direction.

20) Carolina - They need a new coach to help Newton grow.

21) Miami - They have a new QB in place.

22) Rams - Fisher gets a few years to put together his team in St. Louis.

23) Oakland - It's the Raiders, not much to say.

24) Lions - Complete disappointment.

25) Bills - Invested in QB and Defense, both busts.

26) Browns - Some young pieces in place.

27) SD - Time for a new Coach.

28) AZ - The worst QB situation in the League.

29) Jets - No organizational direction.

30) Eagles - The Andy Reid era comes to a terrible end.

31) Chiefs - This team is just bad.

32) Jacksonville - Blaine Gabbert is on his way out as a starting QB. This team, and their fans, aren't going anywhere but LA. I don't expect this team to be in Jacksonville in a couple years.

That's the list.


Scott King

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