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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Redskins are playing an epic game against Dallas this week for a playoff birth. Playoff scenario preview.

The Redskins need to win to secure a spot this week.

We've made it to the last week of the season.  There is still a lot to figure out in both Conferences and a couple teams still in the playoff hunt.

Here's a look at the Week 17 Final Playoff Scenarios:


Locked-up: Atlanta Falcons (South, #1 Seed, home-field throughout); Green Bay Packers (NFC North Division); San Francisco 49ers (playoff berth); Seattle Seahawks -- (playoff berth)

GREEN BAY PACKERS (at Minnesota Vikings)

Green Bay clinches a first-round bye:

1) GB win - This is a tough division match-up but the Vikings are one dimensional, Packers are going to win.

2) GB tie + SF loss or tie - Ties don't happen and I expect the 49ers to beat the Cardinals this week.

3) SF loss + SEA loss or tie - I expect both of these teams to win, not likely to happen.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (vs. Arizona Cardinals)

San Francisco clinches NFC West division:

1) SF win or tie - I expect the 49ers to beat the Cardinals here and lock-up the division.

2) SEA loss or tie - The Seahawks should win, but anything is possible.

San Francisco clinches a first-round bye:

1) SF win + GB loss or tie - The 49ers should win and I expect the Packers to win as well.

2) SF tie + GB loss - Ties are not likely and Packers should win.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (vs. St. Louis Rams)

Seattle clinches NFC West division:

1) SEA win + SF loss - Seattle and San Fran should both win their games this week.

Seattle clinches a first-round bye:

1) SEA win + SF loss + GB loss - I expect all three of these teams to win, not a likely scenario.

WASHINGTON REDSKINS (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

Washington clinches NFC East division:

1) WAS win or tie - I think the Redskins are a solid team, but I think the Cowboys are going to beat them this week.

Washington clinches a playoff berth:

1) CHI loss + MIN loss - This is a real possibility for them.  I've actually picked Chicago and Minnesota to lose.

DALLAS COWBOYS (at Redskins)

Dallas clinches NFC East division:

1) DAL win - This is pretty simple, only one way to get in, win.  I've picked the Cowboys to win and I think they make the playoffs.

NEW YORK GIANTS (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

NY Giants clinch a playoff berth:

1) NYG win + DAL loss or tie + CHI loss + MIN loss - The Giants are still alive for the playoffs, but not by much.  I expect the Giants to win, the Bears to lose and the Vikings to lose.  But, I also expect the Cowboys to win which would knock the Giants out.  I would not be surprised if all these games went the Giants way and they make the playoffs.


Minnesota clinches a playoff berth:

1) MIN win - This is obviously the easiest route to the playoffs, but I don't think they are going to win.

2) MIN tie + CHI loss or tie - Ties don't happen but I do think the Bears lose to the Lions.

3) DAL loss or tie + NYG loss or tie + CHI loss - Anything is possible, but I don't see all of these teams losing.

CHICAGO BEARS (at Detroit Lions)

Chicago clinches a playoff berth:

1) CHI win + MIN loss or tie - I think the Vikings lose but I've gone out on a limb and taken the Lions over the Bears.  I wont be surprised when the Bears make the playoffs.

2) CHI tie + MIN loss - Ties just don't happen.


Locked-up: New England Patriots (AFC East); Denver Broncos (AFC West); Houston Texans (AFC South); Baltimore Ravens (AFC North); Indianapolis Colts (playoff berth); Cincinnati Bengals (playoff berth)


Houston clinches a first-round bye:

1) HOU win or tie - With more to play for, I expect the Texan to win here.

2) NE loss or tie - Patriots will not lose to the Dolphins.

3) DEN loss - Broncos will not lose to Chiefs.

Houston clinches home-field advantage:

1) HOU win - I expect the Texans to beat the Colts and lock-up the top seed.

2) HOU tie + DEN loss or tie - Ties don't happen.

3) NE loss or tie + DEN loss - With these match-ups, both of these teams will not lose.

DENVER BRONCOS (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

Denver clinches a first-round bye:

1) DEN win or tie - Playing KC, I don't see them losing.

2) NE loss or tie - Not likely that the Pats will lose to Miami.

Denver clinches home-field advantage:

1) DEN win + HOU loss or tie - Denver will win and I expect Houston to win, but they are playing the Colts.

2) DEN tie + HOU loss - Ties don't happen.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (vs. Miami Dolphins)

New England clinches a first-round bye:

1) NE win + DEN loss - Patriots win their game and I don't see Denver losing to KC.

2) NE win + HOU loss - Patriots win and I don't expect Houston to lose but they could go down to the Colts.

New England clinches home-field advantage:

1) NE win + DEN loss + HOU loss - Not a likely outcome.

Those are the possibilities.  We'll see where everything shakes out.


Scott King


  1. The Redskins spanked dallas in texas and they are playing at home this time.... Redskins have a better chance to win than you think. And the Bears losing to the lions....really?...I doubt it but maybe I am wrong. we will see.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if DC wins, I had to make a couple stretch calls