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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Packers are improving, but they can't win the Super Bowl. Week 17 Power Rankings.

The Packers don't have enough defense to win the Super Bowl.

Here are my Power Rankings and a quick note about each team.

1) San Francisco - Don't panic, Seattle doesn't lose at home.

2) Texans - They are solid on both sides of the ball.

3) Patriots - Suspect defense keep them from the top spot.

4) Denver - On the rise, are they a Super Bowl sleeper?

5) Falcons - They need to show me something in the postseason.

6) Seattle - They can't win on the road in the playoffs.

7) Packers - Need defensive players to get healthy and produce.

8) Dallas - They've won some games but they're not going anywhere in the postseason.

9) Bears - They cannot protect Cutler and therefore can't win in the playoffs.

10) Steelers - Injuries have slowed this team.

11) Ravens - They're old on defense and Flacco can't lead them to the Super Bowl.

12) Giants - Too many questions for them to make another run.

13) Colts - Luck has this team in the playoffs, an amazing story that won't end in the Super Bowl.

14) Minnesota - They need more playmakers on offense.

15) Bengals - This is a good young team but still growing.

16) Washington - RG3 has this team winning but they're not a great team.

17) Saints - Amazing offense and no defense.

18) Titans - This team has some talent but have done nothing to bring it all together.

19) Tampa - This is a solid young team growing in the right direction.

20) Carolina - They need a new coach to help Newton grow.

21) Miami - They have a new QB in place.

22) Rams - Fisher gets a few years to put together his team in St. Louis.

23) Oakland - It's the Raiders, not much to say.

24) Lions - Complete disappointment.

25) Bills - Invested in QB and Defense, both busts.

26) Browns - Some young pieces in place.

27) SD - Time for a new Coach.

28) AZ - The worst QB situation in the League.

29) Jets - No organizational direction.

30) Eagles - The Andy Reid era comes to a terrible end.

31) Chiefs - This team is just bad.

32) Jacksonville - Blaine Gabbert is on his way out as a starting QB. This team, and their fans, aren't going anywhere but LA. I don't expect this team to be in Jacksonville in a couple years.

That's the list.


Scott King


  1. Can't win the Super Bowl???? Funny stuff... They will have the best QB in the NFC playoffs.....and that defense??? try to watch the games....

  2. Scott King must be dumber than a box of rocks.

  3. Anybody can come up with a power ranking in 2 minutes, I guess. Didn't have a lot of time this week, Scott?

  4. The Packers are getting healthy again.The Defense is getting stronger.I think it will be
    Green Bay vs Seattle for the NFC championship and that winner will win the Super Bowl.Green
    Bay has the best set of receivers and the BEST

  5. I would take the Packers D over Atlanta's.

  6. The fact that the Texans are #2 after losing every BIG game they've had this season just shows this list is crap lol

  7. Are you still feeling the effects of an all night bender? Most wacky power rankings ever.

  8. haha did you watch the Packers Titans game?. No defense? you must be blind. Packers most likely WILL be playing in the NFC championship and possibly the superbowl

  9. Bears #9. Haha, right

  10. What a @#$%$##@ ... who the hell is Scott King anyway.. SFO is #1 .. dang.. you must be smoking some good stuff!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA

  11. This bonehead King has proven over and over to be the dumbest person on the internet. Doesn't know a thing about Pro Football. Get rid of this guy PLEASE! He's ignorant and imbecilic.

  12. What ever you get paid for doing this, it's too much. You should give the money to charity to help the readers feel like you did something productive.

  13. Really? This is an article? Don't quit your day job unless this IS your day job.

  14. Ummm...scott king please tell me you dont get paid to write this. Your so fricken dumb. How do you have texans at two when pats and the PACKERS killed them even at home. If san fran was so good why cant they beat the rams? Some awful d we have cause we can beat the rams. Were gettin half our team back for the playoffs. Your so dumb please fire this guy

  15. Dude! and you call yourself a sports writer! Please stick to politics, you sound like BS, and watch more sports before you write anything about sports, maybe you will learn something and you wont sound so stupid.

  16. So much Christmas spirit here. Give the guy a break, if you don't like what he writes, don't read it. At least he is working and we don't have to pay for him to sit at home sucking the government teat.

  17. Steelers #10 and eliminated, Giants #12 all but eliminated Bengals #15 and in the playoffs (and I am not a Bengals fan) - very curious to say the least. Dallas #8 after last week and Chicago #9? - unless he's hedging his bets that both do get into the playoffs next week.

  18. I think Scott King is talking about the NFL in Bizarro world.

  19. Take it easy guys, every once in a while they put someone in to rock the boat and see what happens, their called MORRONS, we have tons of personal coming back from injury, this is going to be a blast and this guy will be gone, so ENJOY, Go Pack!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hmmmmm... A top 10 defense and a top 10 scoring defense is not good enough? Really?? We're you dropped on your head often as a child? The Giants won with a 27th ranked defense last year. Why? Ability to pressure the QB. The Packers are finally getting as healthy as possible and are number 4 in NFL in sacks. Oh, and Rodgers will finally have all his receivers for first time since week one.