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Monday, December 24, 2012

How good are the Broncos right now? Week 17 Power Rankings

The Broncos and Manning are putting together an amazing season.

Here are my Power Rankings and a quick note about each team.

1) San Francisco - Don't panic, Seattle doesn't lose at home.

2) Texans - They are solid on both sides of the ball.

3) Patriots - Suspect defense keep them from the top spot.

4) Denver - On the rise, are they a Super Bowl sleeper?

5) Falcons - They need to show me something in the postseason.

6) Seattle - They can't win on the road in the playoffs.

7) Packers - Need defensive players to get healthy and produce.

8) Dallas - They've won some games but they're not going anywhere in the postseason.

9) Bears - They cannot protect Cutler and therefore can't win in the playoffs.

10) Steelers - Injuries have slowed this team.

11) Ravens - They're old on defense and Flacco can't lead them to the Super Bowl.

12) Giants - Too many questions for them to make another run.

13) Colts - Luck has this team in the playoffs, an amazing story that won't end in the Super Bowl.

14) Minnesota - They need more playmakers on offense.

15) Bengals - This is a good young team but still growing.

16) Washington - RG3 has this team winning but they're not a great team.

17) Saints - Amazing offense and no defense.

18) Titans - This team has some talent but have done nothing to bring it all together.

19) Tampa - This is a solid young team growing in the right direction.

20) Carolina - They need a new coach to help Newton grow.

21) Miami - They have a new QB in place.

22) Rams - Fisher gets a few years to put together his team in St. Louis.

23) Oakland - It's the Raiders, not much to say.

24) Lions - Complete disappointment.

25) Bills - Invested in QB and Defense, both busts.

26) Browns - Some young pieces in place.

27) SD - Time for a new Coach.

28) AZ - The worst QB situation in the League.

29) Jets - No organizational direction.

30) Eagles - The Andy Reid era comes to a terrible end.

31) Chiefs - This team is just bad.

32) Jacksonville - Blaine Gabbert is on his way out as a starting QB. This team, and their fans, aren't going anywhere but LA. I don't expect this team to be in Jacksonville in a couple years.

That's the list.


Scott King


  1. Replies
    1. See Anonymous reply below for an answer to your questions

  2. As soon as I saw the Cowboys at #8 I stopped reading

  3. This guy must be smoking crack!?!?!

  4. Are you high? Broncos unquestionably are the best team in the NFL right now! They are dominating virtually every team they play. Do you not follow the game results or what?

  5. Who hired this guy?? I could make a list and title it. No rhyme or reason for this. I'll telling you crack is not the only thing he is smoking.

  6. Who the hell is Scott King? Certainly someone who knows nothing about football!

  7. You are a total moron! Hey fyi the mighty 49ers lost thier second seed, when is a third seed team have the top ranking in the NFL! Lol what do you do for a living? The Groundskeeper are something? Go Broncos!

  8. The Broncos are a good team with a ledgenary QuarterBack, however Peyton is 36 years old and if he seriously gets hurt, it's over. The Broncos need to draft a starting caliber quarter back to step in should Manning get hurt or the broncos go nowhere.

  9. 10 in a row - " a superbowl sleeper "? stop typing with one hand. Did you get anything right, oh wait it's actually wishes, now I understand.

  10. So just to make sure I understand your rankings. In the last 4 weeks 49ers have lost to both the rams and the Seachickens and you think they are the number one team?. Could you be anymore of a homer in your power rankings?

  11. are you serious? you are the one sleeping, get a life! oh and keep your day job.

  12. really, how can they be a sleeper when they are 13-3

  13. The Steelers (10) have been eliminated from contention, the Cowboys (9) and the Bears (9) are on the outside looking in.... none of those teams belong in the top ten The top two teams on the list lost to inferior opponents this weak. This list makes no sense.