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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Texans need to figure out what's wrong with their defense. Week 13 preview.

The Texans won the last two weeks but, not by much.  They need to figure out what's going on with their defense if they want to make a playoff run.

After an average Thanksgiving week of picks I'm sitting at 114-63.  I need to step my game up as we sprint to the postseason.

Jacksonville at Buffalo - Chad Henne is proving that he can play QB in the NFL.  I liked him in Miami and thought they should have held onto him.  The Jaguars are not a good team, but Henne's value increases every week.

The Bills are one of many teams in the NFL that will be looking at the QB position as soon as the season ends.  They have a running game, some receivers and a solid TE on offense, they need a QB that won't turn it over.  Their defense is a mess too but there's too much to get into here.

I'll go with Henne and the Jaguars here.

Seattle at Chicago - This is a match-up of two very good defenses.  The Seahawks have an elite RB to go along with their great defense.  They're getting just enough out of Wilson and the receivers to pick-up wins, as long as they are at home.

The Bears learned how much they need Cutler.  No one should ever criticize him again when he complains about a lack of protection.  This team is headed to the postseason, can they give Cutler enough protection to make a deep run?  

Bears win.

Indianapolis at Detroit - The Legend of Andrew Luck grows every week.  The Colts are in position to make the playoffs, how will this young team respond.  They need to get some more production out of the RB position and it would be nice to see another receiver step up and help Reggie out, I like TY's potential.

The Lions played a great game on Thanksgiving and had a chance to beat one of the best teams in the league.  I was impressed by the Lions running game and their defense played pretty solid as well.  As a Lions fan I've seen all of Suh's "dirty" plays and I never defended him.  He clearly stepped on the Packer last season, tried to rip Delhomme's head off among other issues.  However, there is no way that he was trying to kick Schaub in the twig-n-berries.  If he had that type of athleticism he's be a gymnast.  The Lions will not make the playoffs so they need to focus on evaluating talent, especially on the offensive line and defensive backfield.

Lions win.

Minnesota at Green Bay - The Vikings are turning into the team everyone was expecting before the season and not the one we saw the first few weeks.  They have AP to carry the load but no real receivers outside of Harvin.  They have enough talent to be around 9 wins but Ponder isn't the QB that can lead them to the Super Bowl.

The Packers were exposed last week by getting beat down by the Giants.  They have no defense and a weak running game, if Rodgers isn't perfect they can't win.  They'll probably make the playoffs but this team does not have the talent to go to the Super Bowl.  They need to focus on defense this offseason.

Packers win.

Houston at Tennessee - The Texans played a tough game on Thanksgiving but, they get the benefit of 10 days off between games.  They are still the favorite to win the AFC but the Patriots are gaining ground.  The Texans defense has given up some points in the last few weeks against the Jaguars and Lions.  The Texans need to get the defense shored up if they want to win the Super Bowl.

The Titans are an up and down team, mirroring their QB play.  This team have some pieces on offense and CJ is starting to roll now.  They're not going anywhere this season but they need to figure out who is going to stay on the team and what holes they need to fill.

Texans win.

Carolina at Kansas City - The Panthers showed up big last week on MNF and gave fans hope for the future.  Cam Newton can play QB, he just needs some support.  They have some pieces on offense but need a better game plan.  The defense is terrible and needs a lot of help.  They'll be looking for a new coach this offseason so it'll be interesting to see who they bring in to help Cam.

The Chiefs are hard to watch.  The first thing they need to address this offseason is the QB position.  Do they take Barkley with the #1 pick or go with a veteran?  Who's going to be making the decisions? 

Panthers win.

San Francisco at St. Louis - The 49ers are moving on to Colin Kaepernick at QB and I think it's the right decision.  The coaching staff has seen Kaepernick in practice and in game situations the last two years, they know what he can do.  Before Harbaugh arrived Alex Smith was on his way to being released and becoming a career back-up.  Harbaugh maximized his talents in ways no one else could.  As soon as the door opened to have Kaepernick start, and he delivered, Smith was done.  The good news for Smith is that there are so many bad QB's in the league right now, he won't have any trouble finding a job.  Here's a short list of teams with bad QB's - Buffalo, Cleveland, Jacksonville, KC, Oakland and Phili.

The Rams are competing but still have a lot of work to do.  I'd give Bradford one more season to prove he can play QB and then I'd start to question his abilities.  Danny Amendola is made of glass, I cannot believe how many injuries that guy has had in his carrier.  

49ers win.

New England at Miami - The Patriots are putting up huge numbers again on offense.  They have one of the best offensive attacks in the NFL.  The question for this team continues to be the defense.  That unit will be the difference between a Super Bowl trophy and a AFC Championship loss.  Do they have enough defense to beat Houston or Denver?  They have some work to do.

The Dolphins stopped their losing streak last week but it's too late to make the playoffs.  We'll learn more about Tannehill over the next few weeks.  The Dolphins also need to figure out if they want to bring back reggie Bush.  

Patriots win.

Arizona at NY Jets  - This is a tough game to watch.  There are 4 QB's between the two teams with starting experience, but neither team has a legitimate #1.  This is going to be a battle to 9 points.  The Cardinals are losing out on solid years in Fitzgerald's carrier and wasting a good defense.  

The Jets continue to be a joke on offense.  With Tebow out there is no pressure on Sanchez and he's still terrible.  Rex Ryan has one more season to prove he can coach before he gets fired.  What are the chances this team will be in on the Michael Vick sweepstakes?  I say very high, since all they ever win is the headlines.

This game could be a 0-0 tie but I'll go with the Jets at home.

Tampa Bay at Denver  - The Bucs are working to get into the last NFC playoff spot, they have a chance.  This team has talent on both sides of the ball and a balanced offense.  However, if they do make the playoffs they do not have the talent to go far.

Manning has this team believing they can make a Super Bowl run, and why not.  The AFC does not have a clear cut favorite.  The Texans have been giving up a lot of points the last few games and the Patriots defense is not great.  The Ravens and Steelers have plenty of issues and their offenses aren't scaring anyone.  The Broncos have a running game, QB, WR and defense to make a run. 

Broncos win.

Cincinnati at San Diego - The Bengals are moving into position to make the postseason.  With the Steelers struggling the Bengals have stepped-up and have things rolling right now.  Their remaining schedule is favorable and gives them a great shot at making the playoffs.

It's almost sad how bad this team is now.  Ownership kept Turner in place for too long and they've given Rivers no talent to work with.  There is a lot of work to do this offseason.

Bengals win.

Cleveland at Oakland - Watching this game should be some type of punishment.  The Browns travel to Oakland coming off a big win.  They beat the Steelers by 6 after getting 8 turnovers.  If the Browns lost that game they should have been contracted. 

Nothing to say about the Raiders here, their season just needs to end.

Raiders win at home.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore - This game should be an elite match-up for the NFL.  It should be a game to determine a first round bye in the playoffs.  It should, but it won't.  The Steelers are finding out how much they need Big Ben and also found that none of their running backs can hold onto the ball.  That game last week was embarrassing.  The only good news last week is that they almost won the game after 8 turnovers.

The Ravens better destroy the Steelers this week if they want to be taken seriously as a Super Bowl contender.  It's time for Joe Flacco to put up or shut up and prove he's an elite QB.  

Ravens win.

Philadelphia at Dallas - If not for the soap opera surrounding both of these teams NBC would have flexed out of this game as soon as they could.  The Eagles are collapsing and I think there's a chance that Reid gets fired before the season ends.  There are so may things wrong with this team it's hard to know where to start.  

The Cowboys are a huge disappointment this season.  Romo and the offense should be able to score 24+ points a week, instead they struggle.  I'm not sure where they start this offseason but Jerry Jones needs to take a long look in the mirror.

Dallas wins.

NY Giants at Washington - This is going to be a great game to watch.  The Giants came out of their bye week with a high flying offense again.  Eli has things rolling and the defense seems to be straight.  I want to see their NASCAR package chase RG3 all over the field.

The Redskins have playoff hopes, but they are slim.  RG3 has proven that he is a superstar in the making.  The question is, what will his second season look like?  Cam Newton was the talk of the league last year and fell off the map this season.  What happens for RG3/

The Giants win.

The league is making a push for the playoffs, there are still several teams in the mix for a spot and some top teams working on their seeding.  The NFL is proving why it's America's Past time.


Scott King


  1. The Texans need more speed and quicker in recognizing the reed. Think ahead like Watt.

  2. The offense needs to respect their 'D' by staying on the field longer. Foster ain't lookin too hot. Johnson is looking better, but the good news is our rookies are getting schooled by our veteran players. Foster and Johnson have their best years behind them now, but this is their make, or break year. We've never gone this far and may never get this far again. What Foster and Johnson have brought to the table though, is the winning formula that our rookies are feeding off of. It's too bad they didn't have this same line up a few years ago. They both would be heading to the Hall of Fame yesturday.