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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Saints had a lot to overcome this season, all Drew Brees has done is make a case for MVP. A look at the MVP Candidates.

The Saints have been devastated with controversy this season.  Drew Brees is proving he is the real leader of that team.

We've entered the second half of the season and talk of league MVP will start heating up.

Here is a look at my MVP candidates by position:


Payton Manning - Manning not only switched teams but came back from neck surgery that caused him to miss all of last season.  Not only have he installed his offense in Denver but he has established a rapport with the receivers and is sitting fifth in the league in passing yards.  I've been more impressed with what Manning has done here than his last several years in Indy.

Drew Brees - Drew is leading the league in passing yards, that's not a surprise considering their offense.  Everything that the Saints have had to deal with this offseason has put 100% of the leadership load on Brees' shoulders.  The Saints defense is terrible and the only way they can win is if Drew throws for 400yds and 4 TD's.  Considering that he has to play perfect every week for the Saints to have a chance puts him on this list.

Matt Ryan - If you lead your team to an 8-0 start, you have to be considered for MVP.  Ryan will put up solid numbers and lead his team to the playoffs.  He has to make a run this season or the chatter will become louder than ever about his inability to win in the postseason.

Running Back - There's only one player on the list because there's only one real option, Adrian Peterson.  AP is coming back from a terrible late season knee injury and is leading the league in rushing.  He may be stronger and more determined than ever.  The Vikings started off well at the beginning of the season helping AP get more attention.  It should be a tie between AP and Manning for comeback player of the year.  Maybe they'll tie for MVP as well.

Wide Receiver - Reggie Wayne could have left the Colts after last years disastrous season. Instead he wanted to return and be part of the rebuilding.  Not only are the Colts in position to make the postseason, but Wayne is leading the league in receptions and second in yards.  Reggie is a great player but WR never wins MVP.

Defense - JJ watt is the leader of the Houston defense and one of the reasons Mario Williams hasn't been missed the last two season.  Watt leads the league in sacks and is the best of the Texans defensive players and leading them to a possible Super Bowl birth and win.  He'd have to break Strahan's record if he was really going to win the MVP.

That's my list, let me know who I've left off.  If I had to vote today, I'd go with Matt Ryan.

Scott King


  1. Matt Ryan not the quarter back Brees is. Figure it out the records Brees has broken including his own and still climbing higher on TD passes. Drew Brees all the way.

  2. I think Brees also. In 2009 he was overlooked for Payton Manning, and beat him in the superbowl. In 2011 he was overlooked for Aaron Rodgers, then won more playoff games than Rodgers did. Year after year he puts up stellar numbers. This year is no different, sure his win loss record is below par, doing what he has pulled off this year with all that has happened has me almost thinking Player of the decade.