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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Redskins look to make a move in the Division against the Cowboys. Thanksgiving Day Picks

The Redskins beat a bad Eagles team last week.  They have to continue winning if they want to get back into the division race.

Along with the rest of the country, I'll be watching football on Thanksgiving Day.  After a red hot week 11, I went 12-1, here are my Turkey Day picks.

Houston @ Detroit - The Texans were my preseason choice to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.  I'm still feeling good about that pick.  Last week the Texans struggled against a division opponent in a trap game before Thanksgiving, I don't put anything on that game.  I expect the Texans to come out and run on the Lions and set-up Johnson to shred the Lions weak secondary.

The Lions are not playing well this season.  Their defensive secondary is weak, some due to injury but this was a weakness going back to last season.  Stafford and the offense has not been sharp so far this season.  The good news is that they are getting a little bit of a running game with Leshoure.  The Lions spend the entire game chucking the ball around and eventually connect with CJ or some other receiver and put up a few fantasy stats.  Overall the Lions are not impressive on either side of the ball and have some work to do this offseason.

This game could get ugly but the Lions will put up some nice fantasy numbers.  Texans win.

Washington @ Dallas - The Redskins destroyed the Eagles last week, which shows they can beat a bad team.  RG3 is developing into a solid NFL QB.  The Redskins have talent on both sides of the ball, they've just been losing some close games recently.  I expect them to play solid ball the rest of the season.

The Cowboys were lucky to pull out a win at home against one of the worst teams in the league last week.  I put the Cowboys struggles on the coaching staff.  I think that they have enough weapons on offense to put up 24 points every week.  This is a big game for them and I expect they'll react well after the let down last week.  

Dallas wins.

New England @ New York Jets - The Patriots are running up the score like they did when Moss was in town.  The problem is, Gronk is now injured.  I think this will set them back a little but, when you're scoring 59 points, 35 isn't so bad.  They have enough TE's on the roster to make due.  I've been saying all season, the defense is the key to how far they can go this year.  They will win their division and make the playoffs, do they have enough defense to win?  

The Jets won a game last week and you'd think it was the Super Bowl.  If you look at it closely, they beat a bad team and Sanchez put up some ugly numbers.  The teams issues are the same.  They have no WR, weak Oline play and a defense that isn't as good as the coach likes to say.  

Patriots make a statement on a big stage and wins.

We'll see if I can continue the hot streak.


Scott King

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