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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Cowboys need to get things turned around this week. Week 11 Preview.

The Cowboys have to win this week if they have any chance of making the postseason.

After a rough Week 10, I'm sitting at 92-54-1.  Who wants to keep track of a tie.

Let's see if I can turn this around this week.

Arizona at Atlanta - The Cards need to get some production from the QB position if they want any chance to make playoff this season.

The Falcons finally lost a game, which isn't a huge surprise.  The Saints have an amazing offense and terrible defense.  The Falcons will probably end up around 14 wins, the big question is how they will do in the postseason.

Falcons win.

Cleveland at Dallas - The Browns are off their bye week and still don't have the talent to win in the NFL.  Their offensive coordinator said that Weeden has to prove he is the QB of the future in these final weeks.  The Browns can't wait for him to develop as he pushes 30.

The Cowboys have talent, they just can't pull it call together.  I think they get things rolling here at home against the Browns.

Dallas wins.

Green Bay at Detroit - The Packers need to get their defense in order if they want to make a deep run in the postseason.  With Cutler out, the Packers can make a run at the Division title.

The Lions continue to struggle.  They don't try to run a conventional offense, with most of their running plays coming out of the shotgun formation.  Their defensive backfield is going to get lit up by Rodgers this week.  

As a Lions fan this is hard to say, Packers win.

Cincinnati at Kansas City - The Bengals shocked everyone last week, blowing out the Giants.  They have young pieces in place and will continue to be up and down.  Next season they should compete for the division title.

The Chiefs showed why they are 1-8 on MNF.  They lack class and discipline, they're not going anywhere.

Bengals win.

NY Jets at St. Louis - The Jets are the most interesting team in the NFL.  Too bad they're not the most talented.  This team has so little talent on either side of the ball it's almost shocking. They need to completely overhaul the organization and roster in the offseason.  If they lose double digit games Rex will not be back next season.  Might as well throw Tebow out there and see what he can do.

The Rams are building and I like where there offense is heading.  They can get some pressure on the QB and I expect them to harass Sanchez.

Rams win.

Indianapolis at New England - The match-up has given us some epic games over the years. Now Andrew Luck makes his mark on this series.  Luck is leading a very average team into the Playoffs and is proving he was worth the hype.

The Patriots are still working on getting their defense straight before the playoffs.  None of their regular season wins will mean anything without a Super Bowl victory.

The Patriots win.

Philadelphia at Washington - If there was any hope for the Eagles heading into last week, it's gone.  This team is a mess.  There was so much hype and expectations on them the last two years and it has turned out terrible.  Andy will be gone along with Vick.  The new coach needs to take advantage of the players they have, improve the o-line and defense and feed McCoy the ball in the running game.

RG3 continues to excite but lose games.  He's a must watch and a much better thrower than Vick every was.  I'm interested to see this game and what RG3 is able to do against the Eagles. 

I'm going Redskins.

Tampa Bay at Carolina - Tampa is headed in the right direction with a young team and Carolina is the exact opposite.  The Bucs are building with a young QB, RB and solid veteran WR's.  The Panthers are struggling with a similar formula.  I don't blame Cam, I blame the coaches and organization.  There will be a lot of changes this offseason.

Bucs win.

Jacksonville at Houston - Not much to say about Jacksonville here, they just aren't any good.  Houston needs to stay healthy and fine tune the offense and defense heading into the postseason.  Foster should see a lot of action in this game.

Houston wins.

New Orleans at Oakland - The Saints are sneaking around and getting into playoff position.  With QB's dropping all over the league there's no telling what will happen.  They don't have the defense to do anything in the postseason but they are fun to watch.  The Raiders are still the Raiders and not really doing anything worth talking about.  Their best player, DMC, is out and they're way down the roster at RB.  The best news for this game is that Palmer and the WR corps should put up some big fantasy numbers.

Saints win.

San Diego at Denver - The Chargers are heading to the end of the Norv Turner era, finally.  Rivers needs to get some talent on this team if they want to go anywhere.  

Peyton has the Broncos rolling and people are starting to talk Super Bowl.  The AFC is weak this year and the Broncos are as good or better than anyone else in that conference.

Broncos win.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh  - This is supposed to be a great match-up with two possible Super Bowl teams.  With Big Ben out, the game isn't as exciting.  Flacco is still proving that he is not an elite QB.  He needs to get things going on offense to help out the old and injured defense.  Ray Rice needs to get some big runs in to help.

With Ben out, Leftwich gets a chance to start.  Byron has a slower release than Tebow and will get blitzed a lot.  The Steelers need to run the ball and give Leftwich a lot of quick routes in order to get the ball out quickly.

Ravens win, only because Ben is out.

Chicago at San Francisco - This is the concussion bowl.  This game matches up two of the best defenses in the league and either team could win the Super Bowl.  The problem is that both of their QB's are possibly out with concussions.  The Bears let Cutler throw it all over the field while the 49ers run the ball and ask Smith to minimize turnovers.  The Bears offensive line is terrible and will get exposed in this game.  That will be the difference.

San Francisco wins.

Excited to see week 11 and recover from a poor week of picks.  Teams will start being mathematically eliminated every week from now until the end of the season.  Good luck.


Scott King

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