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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Bengals are going to put up some nice fantasy numbers this week. Week 11 Fantasy Starters.

The Bengals are coming off a big win last week and should take advantage of a weak Chiefs team.

Here's a quick look at some Week 11 Starters.  You know the obvious choices, here are some to consider.


- Carson Palmer - The Raiders have no running backs healthy, the Saints are going to put up 50 and have no defense.  This all points to good things for the Raiders QB and WR's in terms of fantasy numbers.  Look to Carson to throw 50 times in this game.

- Andy Dalton - The Bengals have confidence coming off the Giants win.  The Chiefs are terrible. 

- Andrew Luck - I had to think twice about this one but the Patriots give up the 6th most FPG to QB's and Luck and Wayne are playing well right now.  If you have Luck, you should start him.


- Doug Martin - Not sure Martin is off the radar anymore but against the Panthers, this is a must start.


-  Denarius Moore - Same reason you're starting Palmer.  The Raiders will be chucking it all day.

- Steve Smith - The Panters have to throw to ball because they are always behind.  Tampa gives us the second most FPG to WR's.  

- Miles Austin/Dez Bryant - The Browns
are falling apart and the Cowboys are going to try and take advantage of a down team.  

- Reggie Wayne - Luck will be looking for Reggie all game and the Patriots defense isn't the best.  

Scott King

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