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Friday, October 26, 2012

What are the Rams building? Can they go anywhere this season? A look at their remaining schedule and the NFC West.

The Rams are building for the future and have some great pieces in place.  I like Fisher and their defense.  Bradford hasn't played well but he's also battled injuries.

Here's a look at their remaining schedule, predictions and a look at their division.

New England - Loss
@ SF - Loss
Jets - Win
@ Arizona - Loss
San Fran - Loss
@ Buffalo - Win
Minnesota - Loss
@ Tampa - Loss
@ Seattle - Loss

The Rams aren't going anywhere this season but I like where they're going long term. Bradford has talent, he just needs his WR to stay on the field. I think Jackson needs to move on, for him and the Rams best interests. They should trade him for some picks before the draft.

Here's a look at the rest of their division:

San Fran (13-3)
Seattle (9-7)
Arizona (5-11)

Visit for the rest of the teams breakdown.  

Scott King


  1. If they figure out how to win on the road, then this team is better than alot of the teams they have remaining on there schedule. Which seems to be there problem being a young team.

  2. I disagree with the predictions here yes the 49ers will bet us but we have already beat the Cardnials and the Seahawks and I dont see a reverse in the up coming games against them. We need to get a vet at WR to help along the young talent we have at that position. 7-9 is easy and I see it maybe even 8-8 but we have to want to keep fighting and want it.