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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Packers have been up and down all season. Can they get it together? A look at their remaining schedule and the NFC North

The Packers started off slow, but are they headed in the right direction now?  The defense is still terrible, but if Rodgers can get things rolling can he cover for their issues again?  

Here's a look at their remaining schedule, predictions and a look at the rest of their division.

Jacksonville - Even with MJD and Gabbert at full strength, no way the Jaguars win in GB.

Arizona - The Cards started off strong but their lack of QB play brings them back to earth.  The Cards defense plays well but not well enough to win.

@ Detroit - As a Lions fan I'm going to give Detroit the win at home, but I don't really think they'll win.  

@ Giants - The Giants have talent on both sides of the ball, they just aren't always consistent.  I still give the Giants the win at home.

Minnesota - Before the season started I gave this game to GB easy.  The Packers still win but the game will be close.

Detroit - If the Lions somehow win at home, no chance they win at Lambeau.  

@ Chicago - This game may go a long way to decide this division and the NFC playoff picture.  I'm giving the Bears the edge, only because they're home.

Tennessee - The Titans have some talent but they just can't put it together.  Pack win.

@ Minnesota - I'm going to give this one to Minnesota at home.

The Packers were expected to roll through the regular season again, but they've hit some road blocks.  As a Lions fan I know what it's like to follow an explosive offense and weak defense and I see that in Green Bay.  Rodgers is outstanding and can cover for a lot of problems.  The issue is, he can't cover for everything.  The Packers have to address defense this offseason.  The Packers finish 9-7. 

Here's a look at the rest of their division:

Chicago (11-5)
Minnesota (8-8)
Lions (9-7)

Visit for the rest of the teams breakdown.  

Scott King


  1. I dont agree with you at all. I think the defense is much improved going from last or second to last last year to middle of the pack(14th) this year. The injury to Woodson hurts, but the young guys are stepping up and will only continue to improve. The last two games Rodgers has been a man on a mission and I don't see his play falling. They are starting to play their best football right now at the right time. Very similsr to 2010 and to the Giants last year. Yes anything can happen any given Sunday, but at the very worst I see the Packers finishing 10-6 and think they have a better chance at 11-5.

  2. Your clearly a Lions fan! The Pack's defense is not "terrible", but they are not exactly a great defense either. I truly believe that they can go 11-5 with a loss at Detroit and against the Giants. Waste of time reading you article!

  3. Sooo ... the Lions are as good a team as the Packers? Both 9-7? Surely as a Lions fan you have watched the NFC North games. BTW the Pack has given up 5 more points (2 less without the Seattle BS TD) while playing 1 more game. take the HOMER glasses off.

  4. If the morons who reffed the Seattle game correctly, The Pack would be 5-2. Their defense is better despite the injuries. The season sets up perfectly for the Pack. They are starting to play their brand of football. Now that Rodgers is pissed, he will really play really well. Hayward will add to his interception total against the Jaguars and perhaps the Cardinals too. He's going to be a star soon.