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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Packers cannot make the playoffs with this defense. Updated NFC playoff predictions.

It is no secret that the Packers defense is terrible.  Their record setting offense covered up for a lot of problems last season.  The problem is, this season that offense is not clicking.  With Rodgers and the offense stalling, the defense is being exposed even more.  I know they got a bad deal in Seattle, but why were the Seahawks even in that game.  They cannot make the playoffs with this defense playing the way they are now.

Before the season started I predicted each teams record, the playoff picture and Superbowl.

Now that we're reaching the half way point, it's time to update these predictions.

Here was my last NFC playoff prediction:

Green Bay, New Orleans, San Fran, Detroit and Chicago.

NFC Championship - San Fran over Philadelphia.

Here's a look at each of their seasons so far:

Green Bay - The Packers have been off to a terrible start. Their defense continues to underachieve and they have to score a ton of points to win. The problem is, they are not scoring enough points. Yes the refs blew the call in Seattle but, how were the Seahawks even in that game. The NFC is very deep and I don't see Green Bay getting in on a wild card. The have to win the division to get into the playoffs. The Packers need to get their offense on track now. They still control their destiny inside the division but they have a lot of work to do. I think they have too many issues and don't make the playoffs this season.

New Orleans - The Saints offseason trouble is well documented, so I won't get into it here. However, I thought that his team had enough pieces in place to be able to survive the suspension of their head coach. I was wrong. The Saints are a mess and its shocking the start they're off to this season. I never expected them to start 0-4. Every Head Coach should go to their owner and ask for a raise. If there was ever a doubt how valuable a HC is, it's been answered now. This is an insurmountable hole and there is little chance they make the playoffs.

San Francisco - Here's a team that's delivering on the preseason hype. They are built with defense and running the ball. That type of team can play and win in any conditions. Give Alex Smith credit, he's doing his job and managing the offense. Randy Moss hasn't been a big story, I think they're keeping him fresh for the playoff run. This team is still solid and will win a much improved division.

Chicago - The Bears were one of my Wild Card picks. I was counting on Cutler and Marshall to connect and put up some big numbers. So far it's been a bumpy start for the duo. The Bears still cannot protect Cutler consistently but they are improving as the season goes on. I like where they are going.

Detroit - The Lions are off to a disappointing start. They are struggling in the passing game, still can't run the ball and are weak in pass defense. What's shocking about this, not much. The Lions could not run or stop the pass last year and did nothing to fix it in the offseason. I don't know how the Lions front offense let this happen. Every fan was shocked when they ignored CB in the draft. Now they are paying the price. The Lions are now in last place in their division and the Vikings are shocking the league. I give them next to no chance to make the playoffs.

Here is the updated NFC Playoff Picture:

Philadelphia - The Eagles don't look great on offense but they're still winning games.

San Francisco - The 49ers are still the best team in the NFC. Their defense is outstanding.

Chicago - The Bears need to protect Cutler and they'll go deep in the playoffs. I would not be surprised if any if the four teams win this division.

Atlanta - The Falcons are playing great right now. I need to seep something in the playoffs to convince me that they're for real.

Giants - The Giants are still solid and I like them to make it in as a WC team. They can do anything once they make it in.

Minnesota - This one shocks me. I expected this team to be terrible this season. They're doing it with defense, a running game and a game manager at QB. I don't buy Ponder long term but they're doing things the right way. I'll take them as a WC over AZ based on QB play.

NFC Championship - I'm going to stick with San Francisco over Philadelphia but I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants make it into this game.

The 49ers and their outstanding defense is too much for the Texans and San Fran wins the Superbowl.

We'll see how my updated predictions work out.


Scott King


  1. Hey Scott, you are a horses ass. What the hell are you doing making predictions? I guess it doesn't take having any brains to work for this website. A lot of your statements are ignorant and imbecilic. You clearly don't have a clue and are not qualified to predict a bowel movement.

  2. I love it when people anonymously disagree and don't provide any analysis. So you think the Packers defense is good enough to win the Super Bowl? How?

  3. I appreciate your article and I admit I'm a biased cheesehead. Hasn't the Packer defense improved over last year? I just saw them limit the best running back in the league to 29 yards rushing and Andre Johnson to no touchdowns. If the offense keeps improving I think they could do some damage as the season rolls on. You may be right at the end but the only let downs defensively I can remember were Jarret Bush against the Niners and the squad as a whole second half against the Colts. They're no Jets defense I know but give them a little more credit.

  4. The Packers defense is quite a bit better than last years and is steadily improving. Keep in mind that they have a number of rookies starting and have shown improvement. I think the 49ers are a good team, but the Giants totally dominated them. The 49ers have a great defense, but they can be scored on. Their offense however is pretty average. The teams they blew out, the Bills and the Jets, hadnt been playing very well up to their respective losses to the 49ers. The teams with the higher scoring offenses, Packers, Lions, Giants, all put points on the board with the Giants winning. I feel that if the Packers or Lions played the 49ers later in the season rather than early the outcomes of those games might have been different as it usually takes offenses a little longer to shake the rust off than the defenses. Philly I think is in a downward spiral. A ton of drama surrounding that team. Vick turns the ball over way to often and that is going to hurt them in the end. I believe the Giants win that division and Washington has a very good chance to be second in that division. It has been an interesting season so far and if Rodgers and the Packers play anything close to like the played the Texans (who are a very good team) I think they will make the playoffs. New Orleans has a slim chance, but dug themselves a hole very early and do have 4 to 5 difficult games which if worse comes to worse could leave them at 7-9 and out of the playoffs. Atlanta probably wins the south. I dont think they are the best team in the NFL, but they are pretty good.

  5. pssssst, the ability of a GREAT Defensive minded coach to start OVER half of the defense as ROOKIES is a testament to their ability, they had a slow start, but signs of gellin' and i'm not sure if yhave been noticed and i'm not sure if you happened to watch the game against the THEN undefeated Houston Texans on Sunday night, but, um....that ENTIRE Packers team was Championship caliber Rodgers throwing for 338 yds 6 TDs, ZERO INTs and a discount double check. The defense held arian foster to a WHOPPING 29 yards on 17 carries, Justin Forsett to 47 yards and Ben tate to an exploding 14 yards. TOTALING (90) NINETY Yards. OH, and all the while keeping Schaub and Yates to a combined 255 yards in the air with 3 INTs. AND, In case u forgot, the Packers won a super bowl 2 years ago with 15 guys on IR. Hence, the BACKUPS ruled the field, offensively AND Defensively.
    U want analysis?

    takeaways giveaways
    int fum total int fum total
    8 0 8 4 2 6

    and that's just defensive turnover differential

    and a total of 401 TOTAL tackles. This team is consistently getting better week in and week out. When the Super Bowl comes around the Packers will be there, against the Patriots. Period.