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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Lions are a huge dissapointment this season. Where will they end up in the division? A look at their remaining schedule and the NFC North

The Lions are letting down their fans this season.  They entered the season with actual expectations after making the playoffs and they've done nothing to live up to them.  Anyone that follows the NFL knew that the Lions needed help at running back and defensive back.  They did nothing to improve either position.  The Lions weak CB's are being exposed even more now that there are injuries.  This falls on their front office for not addressing the teams biggest needs.

Here's a look at their remaining schedule, predictions and a look at their division.

Seattle - The Seahawks have a great defense and average offense.   Good thing for them that the Lions have a terrible defense and underachieving offense this season.  I'm biased and taking the Lions here but only because they are home.

@ Jacksonville - If the Lions lose to Jacksonville, I might have to burn my jersey.

@ Minnesota - The Vikings are one of the surprise teams this season and I don't see them going away.  They play good defense, run the ball and don't turn it over.  I'll go with Minnesota.

Green Bay - The Packers are putting things together on offense, but still not doing much on defense.  I'm going with Detroit at home, but I'll probably be wrong again.

Houston - The Texans are the best team in the NFL right now and are playing outstanding defense.  No chance the Lions win this game.

Indianapolis - The Colts are building for the future and the Lions are falling apart now.  The Lions better win this game.

@ Green Bay - The Lions continue to struggle and GB wins at home.

@ Arizona - The Cards have a good defense and just need a little out of the QB.  The problem is, that can't get that from the QB.  The Lions should win this game, but I'm not confident.

Atlanta - The only way Detroit wins here is if the Falcons rest their starters.  I say the Falcons are the #1 and rest their starters, Lions win.

Chicago - Again, the only chance of a W is if the Bears are locked-up.  I think Bears rest their starters and Lions win at home.

As a Lions fan this season has been hard to watch. When the Lions were terrible, I never expected them to do well so the losses didn't bother me.  This season, I expected them to perform so this has been extra hard.  I'm not sure what's wrong with the offense, I've been thinking Stafford has an injury that he's not talking about.  Maybe his shoulder is acting up.  Whatever the issue is, they're not going anywhere this season.

Here's a look at the rest of their division:

Chicago (11-5)
Green Bay (9-7)
Minnesota (9-7)

Visit for the rest of the teams breakdown.  

Scott King

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  1. What is a naive Homey with blinders on?
    ANSWER: The Lion's fan who wrote this
    I'd would give the Lions a 50/50 chance of beating Jacksonville if the game was in Detroit.
    Start the burnig