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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Jets cannot score on offense. They have to start Tebow if they want to win. Week 6 Preview.

Tim Tebow is the Jets only chance at winning.  I've been calling for Tebow to start for New York since they traded for him.  In other articles I've noted the lack of talent on offense and less than dominate defense as reasons to start Tebow.  This was all before Holmes and Revis went down.  The bottom line is that teams that lack offensive talent run option offenses.  You can go out to your local pee-wee football game and see this.  The Jets have no talent on offense and need to start running the Tebow offense if they want a chance to win.

All of the Tebow haters need to answer one question.  How can it possibly get worse?  A loss is a loss. A Tebow loss doesn't count as 2 games.  You know what Sanchez brings, losses.  Why not find out what Tebow brings.

After a solid week 5 I'm sitting at 47-30.  Here's a look at week 6.

Steelers vs Titans - The Steelers need to get things on track or they will be out of the playoff picture.  The AFC is not a deep conference for the playoffs but the AFC North is the toughest division in the AFC.  The Titans have to run the ball with CJ or they have no chance.  I've watched every game and they refuse to get him rolling.  Steelers win Thursday night.

Detroit vs Philadelphia - The Lions are crushing me this season.  I thought they would have a hard time making it to 10 wins, now I don't see them making it to 8.  They still cannot run the ball or defend the pass.  Now Stafford and CJ are not connecting on offense.  The Eagles are a mess.  They can't hang onto the ball and their wins are by a couple points each.  I haven't been a fan of Vick at QB since his time in Atlanta.  As much as it pains me, I am going to take Philadelphia at home.

Oakland vs Atlanta - The Falcons are one of the top teams in the League.  Ryan has the offense rolling and their defense is playing great.  Turner is showing that he is still a solid back.  The Falcons are putting themselves at the top of the NFC.  Can they get past San Francisco in the playoffs?  The Raiders are, well the Raiders.  They have some talent on offense, commit a lot of penalties and McFadden is one play away from an injury.  Falcons at home.

Cincinnati vs Cleveland - The Browns are terrible.  I continue to expect them to go 0-16 this season, every week it looks better and better.  As a Lions fan I have my champagne ready.  The Bengals let me down with a loss last week vs the Dolphins.  The Bengals are still a solid up and coming team, I like where they are headed.  Bengals win.

STL vs Miami - The Rams and Dolphins both surprised me last week with upset wins.  The Rams defense destroyed Kolb last week and I was impressed.  Bradford did not play well and now they lost their best receiver.  The Dolphins have a talented defense, they just can't put up points on offense.  I'm going to go with the Dolphins defense at home.

Indy vs Jets - The Colts lead an amazing comeback last week with Andrew Luck leading the way.  The team was filled with a lot of emotion and won a big game at home.  The Jets are falling apart and I've been calling for them to start Tebow since he arrived.  The Jets have no talent on offense and there is no reason to keep Tebow off the field.  They can't score, why not go with him?  I'm going out on a limb and I'll take the Jets at home.  If the Jets lose this one, they have to go with Tebow.

KC vs Tampa - I'm not really excited about this game.  The Chiefs have talent on offense, but no QB.  I know Cassell was injured but I still don't but him as an NFL QB.  This team does not have an NFL QB on the roster and can't win until they get one.  The Bucs are growing under their new coach but they're not going anywhere this season.  Tampa at home.

Dallas vs Baltimore - I've very excited about this game.  The Cowboys are coming off their bye week and better have things straight on offense.  Romo and company need to get things rolling.  This is a tough defense to try and get your offense on track.  They need to commit to the running game and give Romo a chance.  The Ravens are playing great right now and would be 5-0 if not for a tough loss to the Eagles.  Flacco is playing well, but I'm not ready to call him elite.  I need Romo to play well for my fantasy team but I don't see the Cowboys winning here, I'll go with the Ravens.

Buffalo vs Arizona - This is an interesting match-up.  I expected the Bills to have a solid season and make the playoffs.  Well, that's not going to happen.  Their much improved defense is terrible and Fitz turns it over about as much as Vick.  This team needs to get an identity.  The Cardinals started off 4-0 and were the talk of the NFL.  Then the Rams pounded Kolb into the ground last week and exposed their weak QB situation.  The Cardinals have a great defense, serviceable RB and outstanding WR.  All they need is a little bit out of the QB position.  Their first goal is to keep Kolb upright.  That shouldn't be a problem this week.  Cards win.

New England vs Seattle - At the start of the season this game wouldn't catch your eye.  Now it's a little more interesting.  The Seahawks have a much better defense this season but their offense isn't scaring anyone.  Everyone knows how good Lynch is and Wilson has been up and down as a rookie.  The Patriots are rolling now and I think it can be directly attributed to their running game.   There aren't many feature backs in the league anymore.  However, teams still need to run the ball to be successful.  I like the Pats on the road.

Giants vs San Fran - This is a marquee match-up for the NFL.  The defending Superbowl champs vs the team that many, including me, picked to win the Superbowl this year.  Eli has established himself as an elite QB and Smith is establishing himself as a solid NFL starter.  These two teams like to play tough defense and run the ball.  The difference is, the Giants can throw all over the field.  I like the 49ers lights out defense and I think they're the difference.  San Fran wins.

Minnesota vs Washington - Heading into the season, I wouldn't have been surprised if these two teams were winless.  The Vikings 4-1 start may be the biggest surprise of the season.  With GB down, Chicago up and down with Cutler and the Lions not playing well, can the Vikings make the playoffs?  They run the ball, don't turn it over and play good defense.  It's not a bad recipe.  RG3 has lived up to expectations this season.  He's lead some comebacks and makes every game interesting.  He needs to learn how to take care of himself or he'll end up playing 13 games a year like Vick.  I like where the Redskins are going but I think the Vikings have a step on them right now.  Vikings win.

GB vs Houston - This is supposed to be a possible Superbowl match-up, the problem is that the Packers are not holding up their end.  The Packers were robbed vs the Seahawks and then imploded against the Colts.  The Packers defense is terrible and the offense is putting up huge numbers.  They need to get things straight soon, there isn't much room in the NFC playoff picture.  The Texans are still the best team in the league.  They didn't blow out the Jets last week but I don't put too much into that.  Right now, they are the most balanced team in the league.  Texans win.

Denver vs San Diego - Manning is still trying to get his team together on offense.  They played a good game last week vs NE but they need to start winning games.  It's a good thing they are in a weak division.  The Chargers are not going anywhere with the talent and coach they have.  I don't care how many games they win, they cannot win a Superbowl and that's the whole point.

The season is starting to take shape and we're figuring what teams are for real.  Good Luck


Scott King

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