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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Giants look to get straight against the worst team in the league. Week 5 preview.

I'm a huge Eli Manning fan and think he's a sure fire Hall of Fame QB right now.  However, the Giants can be an up and down team.  This game should be perfect for them to get things straight on both sides of the ball.  Their defensive line will harass Weeden all day and should land sacks from everyone on the line.  Eli should be able to throw all over the field and hopefully they get things rolling and carry that the rest of the season.  I don't expect the Browns to do anything in this game.

After a solid week 4, I'm sitting 37-26 headed into week 5.  Let's see how I do.

Miami at Cincinnati - The Dolphins are developing Tennehill and making some plays, but they are not going anywhere this season.  Dalton and Green are continuing to grow and I like with BGE is doing.  The Bengals continue to roll and win at home.

Green Bay at Indianapolis - This will be a great game between two outstanding QB's, in about 3 years.  The Packers need to get things straight on both sides of the ball and this is a good game to get going.  Luck is showing flashes of what everyone thought he could be.  The Colts are still rebuilding.  Packers win.

Baltimore at Kansas City - The Ravens are one of the best teams in the league, the Chiefs are one of the worst.  Flacco is trying to show that he is an elite QB, I'm still waiting to see what happens.  The Matt Cassel experiment in KC is almost over.  If you can't start in college, you can't start in the NFL.  Ravens win.

Tennessee at Minnesota - I'll admit it now, I am shocked by the Vikings.  Maybe they caught the 49ers looking past them in week 3.  But, when they traveled to Detroit and won a division game on the road, they got my attention.  I'm still not sold on Ponder but he's proving me wrong.  The Titans finally started to run CJ last week and he put up some solid numbers.  They need to feed him the ball and get some balance on offense.  I'm on the bandwagon, Vikings win.

Atlanta at Washington - RG3 is an exciting player to watch and he's proving that his team is never out of it.  If not for a stupid penalty, the Redskins may be 3-1.  The Falcons are one of the best teams in the league and putting together a great season.  I still need to see Ryan lead them deep into the playoffs.  This may be their season to go deep in the NFC playoffs.  I like ATL here.

Cleveland at NY Giants - The Browns may be the worst team in the league.  I've predicted them to go 0-16 and that prediction is looking good.  Weeden is not an NFL QB and will be out of the league in 4 years.  I think McCoy starts at some point and doesn't give the job back.  The Giants pass rush is going to destroy Weeden and he is going to be running scared.  The Giants should blow the browns out.

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh - The battle for Pennsylvania.  The Steelers are coming off a ridiculously early bye that doesn't do anything for them.  Big Ben and company is getting a little older but they can still make plays.  Vick finally ended his turnover streak and it paid off. I don't know how good the Eagles are but they're in first place in their division.  I like the Steelers are home.

Seattle at Carolina - Seattle and the entire NFC West are one of the biggest surprises of the season.  I like Seattle's defense and running game.  Wilson is running out of time to prove he can start this season.  I expect to see Flynn in the next few weeks.  Carolina and Cam have really let me down this season.  I expected big things.  I think Carolina can still do something this season and I hope they get on track now.  Cam and Carolina win.

Chicago at Jacksonville - The Bears finally got things together on offense and Cutler looked like a real NFL QB.  My fantasy season is depending on him keeping things going.  The Jaguars aren't as terrible as I thought they'd be this season.  However, they still aren't any good.  Bears win.

Denver at New England - Here is another epic match-up of Brady and Manning.  Peyton is getting things together in Denver and I expect them to win that division.  It's going to take most of the season before Manning looks elite again.  Brady and company are putting together another solid season.  If they don't win the Superbowl, when do we start questioning their ability to win the big game?  Patriots win at home.

Buffalo at San Francisco - I really expected Buffalo to do something this season.  The only thing they've done is look terrible and turn the ball over.  Fitzpatrick has to stop turning the ball over or they'll never win.  San Fran is my pick for the Superbowl this year and I'm sticking with it.  Their defense in unreal and the offense is serviceable.  I don't put too much i to the Vikings loss.  San Fran wins at home.

San Diego at New Orleans - Rivers and Turner are linked for life in San Diego.  This team underachieves every year and this is no different.  They have no chance of winning a Superbowl with this talent, they need to blow it all up.  The Saints are imploding with Sean Payton out of the picture.  I am shocked at how bad they are playing.  Their only chance of making the playoffs is to win their division and I don't see that happening.  Brees will put up big numbers because their defense can't stop anyone.  If they lose this game, I don't know who they'll beat.  Saints finally win.

Houston at NY Jets - The New York Tim Tebow's are going to play a game in primetime against the best team in the league.  The Jets don't have Revis or Holmes.  Does anyone think the Jets have a chance to win this game?  The Texans are balanced and solid in all aspects.  This is my AFC Superbowl pick.  I expect the Texans to destroy the Jets and move them one step closer to starting Tebow.

Bye: Dallas, Detroit, Oakland, Tampa Bay


Scott King

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