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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Browns don't have enough talent to go anywhere anytime soon. A look at their remaining schedule and the AFC North.

The Browns are the worst team in the league and probably have the least amount of talent on either side of the ball.

Here's a look at their remaining schedule, predictions and a look at their division.

SD - Loss

Baltimore - Loss

@ Dallas - Loss

Pittsburgh - Loss

@ Oakland - Loss

KC - Loss

Washington - Loss

@Denver - Loss

@ Pittsburgh - Loss

The Browns have a few pieces on offense but not enough to win anytime soon.  I predicted that they would finish 0-16, they proved me wrong.  I'll give them 1-15 now.  I don't buy Weeden as a long term option and think McCoy is the much better QB.

Here's a look at the rest of their division:

Baltimore (13-3)

Pittsburgh (10-6)
Cincinnati (8-8)

Visit for the rest of the teams breakdown.  

Scott King


  1. I'm sorry, but this article is ridiculous, starting with the fact that the title makes no sense. Next, how could anyone still be on the McCoy bandwagon? Weeden is on pace to break Cam Newton's rookie record for passing yards and besides the Eagles game he is the highest rated rookie passer.

  2. The editor might be off one game.Coaching is probley the biggest problem. They are in need for key players.Cornerback, a crazy pass rusher, a overpowering offensive line man, a receiver that can adjust a catch from both side of himself. Also get rid of weedon who can,t lead, and overall not accurate.

  3. McCoy better than Weeden...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...REALLY? AAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH SERIOUSLY??? AHAAHAHAHAHA c'com man, you cant be serious..!

  4. Check the stats for both qbs. Weedon collects alot of garbage yards behind a highly improved offensive line. Check how succesful is weedon against colt in 3rd down situations. how many times did shumur let colt throw downfield vs weedon. Weedon has no accuracy, by halftime he is all spent and is a dud.

  5. You guys are laughing it up based on a 40 year old QB rating system where a QB can improve his rating by completing passes behind the line of scrimmage for no gain.

    Look at the ESPN NFL Total Quarterback Rating -- what we'll all be using within the next year because it does a better job of giving the QB credit for everything he does or doesn't do to get a win. (The rating ranges from 0 to 100.)

    Weeden doesn't look so good, and Griffin and Luck are the class of the QB class.

    But even more importantly, there have been 23 quarterbacks who started in their rookie years since 2008. Of those 23 only 3 led their teams in one of the top 10 quarterback performances in the NFL during their rookie seasons:

    Robert Griffin III -- 97.6
    Colt McCoy -- 96.4
    Andrew Luck -- 95.7

    If you still think Colt McCoy is a joke, he's laughing in the most elite company.

    The other QBs in this top 10 list each year are guys like Manning, Manning, Brady, Rogers, and Brees.

  6. McCoy doesn't have the arm strength to be anything more than a backup QB in the NFL, which is a sweet way to become a millionaire. There's a reason that he fell to the Browns in the draft and that no team with a dearth of QB talent came knocking when he lost his starting job to Weeden. Is Weeden a long term solution at the QB position for the Cleveland Browns? I don't know, only time will tell. If you listen to the retired quarterbacks and coaches who call NFL games on Sunday, it would look as though they see talent there.

    There were certain plays in the preseason that the Browns ran with both Weeden and McCoy that if put side by side will clearly show that Weeden has better physical tools to play the position.

    I read posts like this, and some of the comments and I think that Browns fans no longer know what good football looks like after 13 years of depressing Sunday afternoons. The QB position is not something that the Browns need to be concerned with in the upcoming draft (draft talk in October, yay!). The Browns are only a few players away from winning some of these close losses. LB, CB, WR, DE.

    Oh yeah, and Shurmur makes terrible in game decisions, so... He probably needs to go, too.


  7. McCoy doesn't have the arm strength. What comic book are you reading. He had to run the play that was given to him. Management had to call the play by overall situations. The offensive line was dead last in qb protection last yearwith 1.9 sec. Could you, oh knowledgable,one can drop back to see the field, plant your feet, and make a throw. The receivers were lucky to get 18 yards down the field. This year the offensive line gives 4.5 sec. That much time weedon could stop and take a leak first.In defense of the fans, they are right. The offensive line can,t block for a runner. Watch when the ball is snapped, which direction Cleveland's lines moved. Have you ever hear the expression " Hold The Line " They don,t win, it is only because of weedon, I don't care if our defense gives up 500 yards. It is weedon problem to lead all phases. This is based on according to the teams management,

  8. Bennettron the quickest way to spot someone who doesn't really understand the game of football, and the "hidden game" or statistics, is to listen for him to say that anyone who disagrees with him doesn't understand the game of football.

    It's great when a not so young man can throw a pretty pass, but it's great football when a quarterback can COMPLETE that pass when the game is on the line.

    Google the ESPN NFL Total Quarterback Rating system, read about it and look at the ratings. This is finally a system that classifies plays according to how much they contribute to a win (clutch factor) and gives the QB credit for how much he did to make the play (as opposed to line, receiver, and yards after catch).

    Weeden has a strong arm, but he's not a clutch player.

  9. This article is ridiculous and so are the pro Colt McCoy posts. If you want to bring up ratings, Weeden had a 119 rating week 2, and a 96 rating against Andrew Luck, whom he outplayed. He is 9th in the NFL right now in passing yards with WR's that can't catch. He also has 9 TD passes. Colt has 20 career TD passes in two seasons as starter-Weeden will match that or pass it in one. Sounds like no comparison to me. If the Browns don't have an idiot head coach, they have 3 or 4 wins right now and Weeden gets much more national respect. And how can you have such confidence KC, Oak, and Wash are automatic losses?

  10. I could see this being on monday night football c`mon man.colt refuses to throw a ball past 5 yards your a complete jackass for thinking mccoys better

  11. Wow, your logic astounds me. We're going with the "he who smelt it dealt it" defense? That's stupid. Let's apply that logic to other areas of life, shall we? I'm going to go into Michael Symon's kitchen and make a stir fry, when he tells me that I don't understand spices or cooking I'll fire back with "You know how you can spot someone who doesn't understand cooking?.." or "I know you are but what am I?"

    Feel free to back Colt McCoy as long as you like, and you'll probably have support here in Cleveland and perhaps Texas. Nowhere else will you find anyone clamoring to buy a number 12 jersey.


  12. Additionally, have you ever seen McCoy pass well in the wind, rain, or snow? I didn't think so. This is Cleveland, and you have to be able to do that until King Jimmy slaps a roof on the stadium.

  13. Bennettron, you don't know what the ESPN NFL Total Quarterback Rating is, do you?

    You probably won't like it, but most people who know football inside and out really do like it because it shows so much more about what happens on the field than the old QB Rating from the '70s that just counted attempts, completions, yards, TDs, and INTs, and gave that a single number.

    Weeden is the lowest rated 2012 QB in this more comprehensive system for some really good football reasons. Check it out.

    Below are links to two good articles about the TQR system:

    (1) Oliver: Guide to the Total Quarterback Rating

    Dean Oliver explains the methodology behind ESPN's new QB metric, the Total Quarterback Rating.

    (2) Luck vs. Griffin, a Statistical Comparison

    Which rookie quarterback is better? Fortunately, there's a way to fill in the rather large gap between perception and production.

  14. Wow, I didnt think anyone could more wrong. Browns could easily be 3-3 right now if it wasnt for a couple plays not being executed due to in experience. Weeden, can and will be good, he has the tools. Richardson is great, and will be better once he done being banged up. Josh Gordon is a solid deep threat, and Josh Cooper has the looks of a Wes Welker. Offensice is good and getting better and D-line is strong. ALL this bronws team needs is experience, 1 strong DB or FS, and more depth at LB and were good.

  15. QB rating right now":
    Andrew Luck 72.3, Weeden- 72.3. Luck has Reggie Wayne, Weeden has Greg Little and Marecic dropping every pass thrown to them. Luck plays in a dome. Little catches a pass against Baltimore late and Gordon catches one against Indy and the Browns have two more wins. Dropped passes are one thing Weedens team leads the league in and it's not his fault. One more strong draft and the Browns are in contention again.

  16. I guess anyone can have a blog, no matter how ignorant. Want to change your mind AGAIN and predict the Browns going 2-14 since they beat SD today and won't end up 0-16 or 1-15 like you predicted? SD has beaten KC and Oakland whom the Browns later play after a bye week. Still want to stick with 2 wins this year Scott King????

  17. Haters will hate... McCoy might have had an elite QB rating in his rookie year, but then what happened? Nothing, he threw for 11 TDs last year as the starter.. That just plain blows. Weeden is almost there half way thru the season, and have you ever (college or pros) seen McCoy throw a 45yrd pass on a rope? I watched a few games a year for the 4 years he was in Texas, and I never saw it. Great guy, just doesn't have the deep ball arm.
    Browns will finish with 5-6 wins. I thought 5 at the beginning of the year...