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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Bears look to have things rolling in Chicago. Where will they end the season? A look at their remaining schedule and the NFC North

The Bears look really good right now.  I predicted Jay Cutler would be a top 5 fantasy QB this season with the added weapons.  That has not happened yet, but the Bears are winning and looking good on both sides of the ball.  They are one of the top teams in the NFC.

Here's a look at their remaining schedule, predictions and a look at their division.

Carolina - The Panthers are no match for the Bears and their explosive offense.  

@ Tennessee - The Titans have some talent, but I'm not sure where they are going.  The Bears overwhelm the Titans here.

Houston - The Texans are playing great defense and great offense.  This could be a Super Bowl preview.  I'd like to go with the Bears at home but I think I'll go with Houston.

@ San Francisco - This is going to be a great match-up and a possible NFC Championship preview.  If this game was in Chicago, I'd take the Bears but I have to go with the 49ers.

Minnesota - Surprisingly this is going to be a great game.  The Vikings are playing well and the Bears are rolling.  I'm going to give the edge to the Bears at home.

Seattle - The Seahawks and their solid defense travel to Chicago.  This will be a low scoring game but the Bears defense will be way too much for Wilson.  

@ Minnesota - I'll give the Vikings the edge at home.

Green Bay - The Packers offense will be a great match-up against the Bears defense.  The Bears offense will overwhelm the Packers weak defense, Bears win.

@ Arizona - The Cards offense will not be able to move the ball and may get shut out, Bears win.

@ Detroit - The only reason I'm giving this game to Detroit is because it's the last game and the Bears will rest their starters.  I know it's a stretch and I'll probably be wrong.

I predicted that Jay Cutler would be a top 5 fantasy QB this season with the addition of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.  So far he hasn't lived up to that, they still have been very explosive on offense.  Combine that offense with their great defense and they may have enough to make it all the way.  The Bears finish the season 11-5.  

Here's a look at the rest of their division:

Green Bay (9-7)
Minnesota (9-7)
Detroit (9-7)

Visit for the rest of the teams breakdown.  

Scott King


  1. Bears will beat Houston. Houston is overrated. The Bears offense will be clicking on all cylinders when Houston comes to town.

  2. about what i think they will do also, but i think that the vikings will finish at 8/8 for the year

  3. No offensive line=1st round playoff exit. That is if they even get there.