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Friday, October 26, 2012

Injuries are hurting an already weak Jaguars teams. A look at their remaining schedule and the AFC South.

The Jaguars have struggled for years and I still don't think they have their franchise QB.  Gabbert improved a lot this season, but that's not saying much.  Now MJD is injured.  This could get ugly in North Florida.

Here's a look at their remaining schedule, predictions and their division.

@ GB - Loss

Detroit - Loss

Indy - Win

@ Houston - Loss

Tennessee - Loss

@ Buffalo - Loss

Jets - Loss

@ Miami - Loss

New England - Loss

@ Tennessee - Loss

The Jaguars finish 2-14 and have a lot of work to do in this division.  They are miles behind everyone else and need to get things turned around.  I also think they need to move to LA, but that's a different article.

Here's a look at the rest of their division:

Houston (13-3)

Tennessee (8-8)
Indy (5-11)

Visit for the rest of the teams breakdown.  

Scott King

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