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Friday, October 19, 2012

Can Manning lead the Broncos to the playoffs? Updated AFC Playoff predictions

Peyton Manning is installing his offense for the Broncos and they are struggling at times.  As the season wears on, Manning will get the offense up to speed.  The defense needs to step up and play to the level they did last year with Tebow.  Once they get to the postseason, it's wide open and do not count out Manning.

Before the season started I predicted each teams record, the playoff picture and Superbowl.

Now that we're reaching the half way point, it's time to update these prediction

Here was my last AFC playoff prediction:

New England, Pittsburgh, Houston, Denver, Buffalo and Baltimore

AFC Championship - Houston over New England.

Here's a look at each of their seasons so far:

New England - The Patriots are playing solid football all around this season. The biggest difference is their running game. When the Pats have had a real running game they've been very effective on offense. I like what they're doing with their two backs. The defense is playing good enough and will continue to get better.

Pittsburgh - The Steelers are a mess this season. They're losing to bad teams and look weak in all aspects of the game. They've had injuries at RB but they are just not putting it together. The AFC isn't as deep as the NFC but their division is tough and they have a really tough road to make the playoffs. I think they're out.

Houston - The Texans may be the most complete team in the NFL. They have a dominate RB, solid QB, elite WR and second best Defense in the league. Last year when Shaub went down we didn't get to see how good they'll be. This year they make up for it and make it to the Superbowl.

Denver - Peyton Manning is trying to get comfortable with his new team, it's taking time but they are getting there. There have been flashes of what we remember from Manning. The bottom line is that their division is terrible and Denver will be able to win it at 9-7.

Buffalo - I bought in to the Bills improving this offseason. I was wrong. Their defense is ridiculously bad. Their QB is a turnover machine. I have no idea where they go from here but there's no way they make the playoffs.

Baltimore - The Ravens are playing very well so far. I'm surprised at how well their passing game looks so far. I don't buy Flacco as an elite QB but he is playing well his season. If he can continue it into the playoffs then ill be impressed.

Here is the updated playoff picture:

New England - The Pats and their new running game will roll through the season.

Denver - Manning will get his offense rolling and they make the playoffs.

Baltimore - The Ravens win the division and all eyes on Flacco to see if he is for real.

Houston - The Texans are complete, can they stay healthy and live up to expectations.

Cincinnati - The Bengals grab a wild card and continue to grown with their young team.

San Diego - I don't really like the Chargers but the AFC playoff picture doesn't look deep. The Steelers may grab this spot but I'll go with the Chargers.

AFC Championship - This will matchup the old standard, New England, with the new up and comer, Houston. I think Houston is more of a complete team and wins the matchup.

The Texans are solid but they can't get past the 49ers and their super elite defense. San Fran wins the Superbowl.

We'll see how my updated predictions work out this season.

Scott King


  1. You're predicting Chargers in playoffs? Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs after that meltdown at home last week.

  2. Broncos 9-7? After the second half in San Diego, I'd say, the only thing that could prevent them from going 11-5 maybe even 12-4 is forgetting how to do what they did in that second half.