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Thursday, October 4, 2012

As expected, the Jets are struggling on offense. When do they move to Tebow?

I've been saying the Jets should start Tebow from the minute he was traded from the Broncos.  I've been called a lot of names by Jets fans and I understand their frustration.  Throughout the preseason, the Jets struggled and I was calling for Tebow to start.  To everyone's surprise Sanchez and the Jets destroyed the Bills in week 1.  Jets fans were fast to point out the success.  If Sanchez continued that success, I would have changed my mind.

We are headed into week 5 and what do we know about the Jets?

The Running Game - The Jets cannot run the ball.  They can't run with Greene and they can't run when Tebow comes in to play.  Rex wants to run the ball and dominate the line of scrimmage.  The Jets simply do not have the personnel to run that type of offense.

Wide Receivers - The Jets have some of the worst wide receivers in the league.  They struggle catching the ball and making big plays.  Now their best receiver, which isn't saying much, is out for the season.  Who is any Jets QB going to throw to, Hill?  This group is not helping Sanchez out.

Defense - The defense is going to struggle with Revis out and they are going to put the Jets in position where they have to throw to play catch-up.

The bottom line is that the Jets need to run the ball, limit turnovers and control the clock.  This keeps their now weak defense off the field.

When a college, or even high school team, doesn't have the talent to throw the ball they run some type of an option offense.

Tim Tebow was built to run this type of offense and proved it can be successful in Denver.  This is what the Jets need to do with the talent they have.

I'm not blaming Sanchez, he has no support.

Tebow starts on, or before, their Seattle game.


Scott King

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