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Friday, October 26, 2012

Are the Giants the favorite to win the NFC? A look at their remaining schedule and the NFC East.

The Giants are still strong on both sides of the ball and they are headed in the right direction.  I like where Eli is at as a leader and elite QB.  They have great WR's and a solid RB.  Their defense is lead by the line, they have some weakness at DB but nothing terrible.  Will they repeat this season?

Here's a look at their remaining schedule, predictions and a look at the rest of their division.

@ Dallas - I like where Eli and the Giants are headed.  I know that Dallas won in New York week 1 and the Giants are looking for revenge, but I think Romo finds a way to win this one at home.

Pittsburgh - The Steelers are old and slow.  Eli and company win at home.

@ Cincinnati - The Bengals are headed in the right direction but they're not ready to beat the Giants yet.

Green Bay - This will be a great match-up.  I think the Giants defense is too much for Rodgers and the Giants win this one.

@ Washington - RG3 is explosive and the talk of the NFL, he's just not turning them into wins.  I think the Giants defense gets to RG3 and New York wins.

New Orleans - Drew Brees will get slowed down by the Giants defense and Eli has a great day against the weak defense.

@ Atlanta - The Falcons are playing great on both sides right now.  I still need to see something from Ryan in the post season to buy him as Elite.  I think the Falcons win at home.

@ Baltimore - The Ravens defense is slowing down and Joe Flacco is not an elite QB.  If this game was in New York I'd go with the Giants but I'm going to give the edge to Baltimore at home.

Philadelphia - Will Vick still be the starting QB for this game?  It won't matter, Giants win.

Eli and the Giants are the defending Super Bowl Champs.  They're playing well this season but at times they don't put everything together.  I like where their offense is at but their defense needs to be more consistent, especially in the secondary.  I think the Giants finish 11-5, make the playoffs and could play for the NFC Championship.  However, I don't see them returning to the Super Bowl this season.  I've picked San Francisco to come out of the NFC.  

Here's a look at the rest of their division:

Philadelphia  (11-5)
Dallas (10-6)
Washington (5-11)

Visit for the rest of the teams breakdown.  

Scott King


  1. WoW!! whoever this Scott King is his picks are retarded!! 49ers fan obviously. First off Dallas will lose this sunday so that one is wrong!! Baltimore and the Falcons hahaha... Okay... NOT!! Giants lose to none and take it all. And that my freinds is how the cookie crumbles. Eli is TOO clutch for anyone to beat them.

  2. Alex Smith SUCKS! It's obvious that when It's time to make a come back he's not the type. Interception off anything he throws more than 10 yards.

  3. this is Skip 'Clueless & Baseless' of espn, making these picks

  4. obviously wrong from the onset. Giants at Dallas in their New Stadium now 4-0!!!! Eagles 11-5?????? Dallas 10-6??????????? really?