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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Updated NFC Playoff Predictions, Can the New York Giants Repeat

The New York Giants are the returning Superbowl Champions.  The last Champions to repeat were the Patriots.  Can the Giants pull it off?

NFC East
Philadelphia (11-5) Big things were expected of the Eagles and Vick last year.  This year is no different.  I think they pull things together this season.

New York Giants (8-8) I like the Giants.  I really like Eli Manning.  However, the Giants have a brutal schedule.  

Dallas (10-6) The Cowboys are underachievers with a vocal Owner.  Romo and the rest of the guys pull things together for a solid season but they miss the playoffs.

Washington (5-11) The Redskins finally have a QB to be excited about.  But, he's still a rookie.  

NFC North
GB (12-4) Don't forget, the Packers went 15-1 last year.  If they can play defense they'll be a force.

Chicago (11-5) The Bears finally have a legitimate WR and with Alshon Jeffery, make it two.  I expect Cutler to have a huge year, especially for fantasy.

Detroit (12-4) The Lions are coming off a playoff season for the first time this millennium.  This is a tough schedule but I think the can pull it off.

Minnesota (1-15) This team is terrible and I am not a Ponder fan.  This will be a long season.

NFC South
Atlanta (9-7) Falcons are quietly solid but not exciting.  

New Orleans (10-6) The Saints troubles are well documented.  I think they're able to keep it together.

Tampa Bay (2-14) The Bucs quit last year and I can't stand that.  They're probably better than this but I just don't like them.

Carolina (8-8) I really like Cam Newton and completely underestimated him coming out of college.  I'm all in now.  The Panthers are headed in the right direction but find me 10 wins on this schedule.

NFC West
San Francisco (13-3) I have a hard time rooting for Harbaugh (Michigan) but I like what he's doing in SF.  This is a great team.

Arizona (4-12) If they have Kurt Warner they'd be a playoff team.  Make a decision.

Seattle (5-11) They get Flynn in free agency and then start Wilson.  Add that to what they did in the draft by reaching and then the T.O. experiment.  I'm not sure what they're doing.

St. Louis (4-12) This team is headed in the right direction and will be in the hunt for this division soon.  

Playoff Teams
Green Bay
New Orleans
San Fran
Wild Card - Detroit and Chicago

First Round
Detroit @ New Orleans - The Lions redeem themselves from last season.

Chicago @ Philadelphia - The Eagles are too much for the Bears

Round 2
Detroit @ San Fran - The 49ers defense is too much for the Lions.

Philadelphia @ Green Bay - The Eagles get past the Packers.

NFC Championship

Philadelphia @ San Francisco - The 49ers defense takes out Vick and the Eagles.

NFC Champs - The San Francisco 49ers.

SUPERBOWL - San Fransisco vs Houston - The 49ers, Harbaugh, Smith and Moss capture the Championship this season.

Scott King

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