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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Giants rallied last week and won, can they continue that trend. Week 4 preview.

The Giants played a really great game last Thursday when they traveled to Charlotte and beat the Panthers.  With Nicks and Bradshaw out, they had some young guys step up.  I think they may have found an every down back in Brown.  Bradshaw has been banged up a lot the last few seasons.  Can Eli and company continue to roll?

I'm sitting at 26-22 after a terrible week 3.  Here's a look at week 4.

Cleveland at Baltimore - Cleveland may be the worst team in the league.  I predicted that they will go 0-16, that prediction is looking good so far.  The Ravens are coming off a huge win over the Patriots.  If this wasn't a division game I'd say Baltimore might have a let down.  Hopefully it's worth watching this game.   Baltimore wins

Carolina at Atlanta - The Panthers really let me down by losing to the Giants on a short week.  I thought that Cam and the Panthers would have a breakout game on national tv.  Instead they showed their youth and inexperience.  Atlanta has been rolling and is one of the last undefeated teams in the league.  I'm not interested in Atlanta's regular season, I'm ready to see them do something in the postseason.  Atlanta wins.

New England at Buffalo - The Patriots are sub-500 for the first time in forever.  The bottom line is that the Patriots are going to make the post season.  They need to use the regular season to get their defense up to speed and get these new offensive weapons on the same page.  Buffalo has been a let down for those of us that picked them to make the playoffs.  If the Pats lose this one, they are in big trouble.  But that doesn't happen, I'll take New England.

Minnesota at Detroit - The Lions cost me years off my life last week.  First the defensive TD's, then the comeback, then the loss in overtime.  Turns out the Lions were trying to pull the Titans offsides and the center didn't know that simple fact.  I do like the fact that the Lions established some type of a running game.  The Vikings pulled the upset of the young season by beating the 49ers at home.  San Fran was traveling east and this was a trap game for them.  The Vikings are not that good, I'll go with Detroit.

San Diego at Kansas City - The Chargers lost at home to a very good Falcons team.  I don't like where this team is from a talent standpoint but they are good enough to win about 10 games.  KC shocked the world by beating a Saints team that is in free fall.  The Chiefs have talent but I'm not a Cassell fan.  I'll take SD on the road.

Seattle at St. Louis - Seattle is playing a lot better than people expected.  They have a solid defense and very good running.  They just need their QB to mange the offense.  The Rams are still building and are heading in the right direction.  I like Seattle to win this one.

San Francisco at NY Jets - The Tim Tebow's escaped Miami with a win.  If they lost that game, the Jets fans would be losing their minds to have Tebow start at QB.  I think this just delays the inevitable and Tebow will be starting before the season is over.  The 49ers travels east last week and were overlooking the Vikings.  One thing that is great about the NFL is that you can never overlook anyone in the league.  The 49ers are not happy and will take it out on Sanchez and Tebow.  The 49ers win.

Tennessee at Houston - The Titans won an exciting game last week vs Detroit in OT.  Chris Johnson has not established himself this season but after watched every snap the last two weeks I don't see the Titans trying to establish the run.  They need to get him going.  The Texans are probably the most complete team in the league right now.  They have an elite RB, solid QB and great WR.  Add a great defense and plan to see Houston in the Superbowl.  I like Houston here also.

Miami at Arizona - Miami played a good game against the Jets last week and should have won.  They're breaking in a new QB but RB Regge Bush is injured so there are limitations.  The Cards are one of the big surprises this season.  They have talent on defense and an elite WR, they just need their QB to limit turnovers.  Kolb is facilitating this offense and the Cards are winning.  I like AZ to continue their winning streak.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville - The Bengals are still a solid young team and will be a force in the AFC for many years to come.  Jacksonville is starting to get MJD rolling but they are still limited on offense.  I like Cinci.

Oakland at Denver - The Raiders are talented on offense but they just cannot be trusted over an entire season.  McFadden will eventually get hurt and Palmer is going to turn it over.  Peyton needs to get things rolling in Denver or this is going to be a long season for him and Elway.  I like Denver to get things going at home.

New Orleans at Green Bay - The Saints are falling apart.  Sean Payton is not walking through the door and I do not see how the Saints make the playoffs in the NFC.  Can Brees and the Saints play hard during a lost season?  Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are still trying to get their offense rolling and show they are still tops in the league.  I expect the Saints to continue their losing ways and GB wins.

Washington at Tampa Bay - The Redskins have been fun to watch this season and it's great for this franchise to matter again.  RG3 is an impact player and his team is never out of it.  Tampa is trying to prove that they are a tough team and will not be pushed around anymore.  I like their new attitude and I'll give them the edge at home.  Bucs win.

NY Giants at Philadelphia - The Giants showed up huge in their game against the Panthers last Thursday night.  They were short handed and no one, including me, thought they would win.  The Giants stuck together and some guys stepped up and they beat a solid young team.  The Eagles are a mess on offense.  Their turnover issues finally got the best of them last week and they lost.  What's being covered up in their 2-1 start is the fact that Vick is terrible.  Heading into his last season in Atlanta, I was saying that they needed to move him to WR.  I think we're starting to see that Vick.  Hard to go against the Giants here.

Chicago at Dallas - This is a match-up of two QB's that barely scored a positive point in fantasy last week.  Chicago cannot protect Cutler at all and he is running for his life on every play.  The Cowboys are going to throw everything they have at Cutler.  Because the Cowboys have a pass rush, I'm going to take them at home.

Hopefully I can recover after a terrible week last week.  

Scott King

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