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Friday, September 21, 2012

Can the Cowboys recover against the better than expected Bucs. Here's my week 3 preview

I'm sitting at 22-11 after the first two weeks of the season and that's ok, but the big question is how good are the Cowboys.  Romo and company opened with a huge upset of the defending Superbowl Champs, but lost on the road to Seattle.  I'm not a fan of what the Seahawks are doing, but I do like them at home.  Cowboy fans shouldn't panic yet, but this game is a big test for them

Detroit vs Tennessee - The Lions lost last week at SF, but that was expected.  The Lions still have trouble at DB but that doesn't matter because Locker can't throw.  The Titans can't run or throw.  Chris Johnson better get his act together, he's killing my fantasy team.  The Lions win this on the road.

Rams vs Bears - The Rams got a gift last week with a ridiculous penalty at the end of the Redskins game.  Their only hope is if Cutler gives them the ball 4 times again this week.  Cutler didn't make any friends last week but that's nothing new.  Cutler doesn't really care what other people think.  I expect the Bears to get things back on track and win this game.

Buffalo vs Cleveland - Watching this game should be some type of punishment.  I don't even know what to say about this one. This may be one of the only chances Cleveland has for a win this season.  I'll go with Buffalo on the road, but I'm not excited. 

Tampa vs Dallas - This should be a good matchup.  The Bucs are putting together some decent showings under their new coach.  Eli needed a historic comeback last week.  Dallas had a huge letdown on the road in Seattle.  I expect the Cowboys to get things back together at home and take this one.

Jacksonville vs Indianapolis - This is a game about the future more than the present.  Is Gabbert really the QB of the future in Jacksonville?  I don't buy him as an NFL QB, but we'll see.  Luck is showing that he is an NFL QB and will lead Indy to the playoffs, but not this year.  I'll go with Indy at home.

Jets vs Miami - The New York Jets are the most talked about team in the NFL this year.  The Jets exploded in week 1 with a huge scoring output.  They came back to reality last week vs the Steelers.  The big question is, is Sanchez an elite QB or is he just an average QB.  I think he's just an average QB.  The Dolphins are an interesting team.  They have a rookie QB that I don't like and a RB that was washed-up but is having a resurgence.  This game will define the real Jets team.  I think we see a little more Tebow this week but it's not enough.  Dolphins win at home.

San Fran vs Minnesota - This game shouldn't be close.  The 49ers are the best team in the league and their defense will crush the weak Minnesota offense.  There isn't much to be positive about the Vikings' offense these days.  I don't think Ponder will make it in the NFL and AP is still coming back.  San Fran wins easy.

KC vs Saints - It's not shocking at the Chiefs are (0-2), but it is shocking that NO is (0-2).  We've answered the question, are Head Coaches important in the NFL.  The Saints are struggling but I don't think they can fall at home to KC.  KC is no threat on offense but they do have a decent defense.  If the Saints don't win this game, their season is done, but they win this one.

Cincinnati vs Washington - The Bengals got their doors blown off week 1 and then they barely got past the Browns.  They're a good young team, but they're still growing.  The Redskins doing a lot better than most expected and should be (2-0) if not for a stupid penalty last week.  I'm going to go with RG3 and say that the Redskins keep it going and win.

Philadelphia vs Arizona - The Eagles have been a disappointment at the start of the season, but somehow they're still (2-0).  Vick needs to get things pulled together if the Eagles want to go somewhere this season.  The Cardinals beat the Patriots last week and surprised a lot of people.  The Cards have talent on both sides of the ball, they just need a some decent play out of the QB position.  I think the Cards defense and Vick's turnovers are the difference, Cards win.

Atlanta vs San Diego - This match-up of (2-0) teams should be interesting.  I don't buy the Chargers are a legitimate contender to make any moves in the postseason.  Matt Ryan needs to win some playoff games and make a deep run this season.  I think the Falcons are the better team but I'll go with SD at home with the Falcons traveling west.

Houston vs Denver - I picked the Texans to go to the Superbowl this season and I like how they've started.  They have a balanced offense and solid defense.  Peyton was exposed last week as a player that missed last season and may have some strength issues.  I think Peyton gets his act together and wins at home.

Steelers vs Oakland - The Steelers shut down Sanchez and the Jets last week.  Is that a sign that they're a great team or did they expose the Jets as a weak team.  The Raiders were blown out by a rookie QB in Miami.  The Raiders are always a mess and you can never count on them to deliver.  The Steelers travel west and take this one.

New England vs Baltimore - The Patriots were shocked at home by the Cards last week.  Hernandez is out and Welker is being phased out.  They signed another troubled veteran in Winslow Jr to replace Hernandez.  The Cards have a solid defense that should not be overlooked.  Don't forget that Arizona has talent on offense and only needs a game manager at QB.  The Pats loss shouldn't be looked at as a fluke, they have some real questions on offense.  The Ravens lost a tough one to the Eagles last week but they seem to have their act together.  I like the Ravens at home.

Green Bay vs Seattle - The Packers destroyed the Bears last week and looked really solid on defense.  The Packers have an outstanding offense, if their defense can get it together they'll go far again.  The Seahawks are easy to forget being out in Seattle and the fact that they're making some unusual moves.  I really don't like what Seattle is doing and I don't buy it long term but, they can run the ball and play well at home.  This should be an easy decision but I'm going to go out on a limb and take Seattle at home.

This is a great week of games starting Thursday and going all the way to Monday night.  I'm excited to watch most of these games this weekend, hope the refs don't blow the fun.

Scott King


  1. got to hold them,thats why i think dallas has lost most of the games,break down in 4th quarter

  2. 10 losses going into snf. This is a historically bad week for me.

  3. Should be 21-11 going into panthers vs giants.

  4. I need a seattle upset to go 6-10. Sad.