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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings, Should You Draft Maurice Jones-Drew

Fantasy Football Leagues are drafting now and Maurice Jones-Drew is a big question mark. Here are some final thoughts on the Running Back Position.

The Running Back position use to be the key to fantasy championships. With the league moving to more pass friendly rules and teams going with multiple backs, feature backs are harder to find.

There are only a handful Of feature backs worth taking, after that there's some solid choices. The key is to find someone that will have a breakout year.


1 Adrian Foster - One of the true feature backs in fantasy. Take him and expect greatness.

2 Ray Rice - Outstanding back on a team that wants to run and play defense. Flacco's struggles help Rice's value.
3 McCoy - McCoy has emerged as a must have fantasy back. The Eagles have an explosive passing game but they are still committed to the RB position.

4 Chris Johnson - CJ had a rough season last year but expect him to return to form. It would surprise me to see him lead the league in rushing yards again.

5 Forte - Matt Forte is a solid back that can catch the ball. Will the new high powered passing game hurt his numbers? I don't think so. He may get more late game carries if the Bears are leading.


After the Top 5 things drop off fast. Don't reach for a RB but there just isn't much value left. Here are the other guys worth drafting. Everything else is a roll of the dice.

Murray - Can he carry the load.

Turner - moving to more of a passing attack and crowded back field.

MJD - Beware, he's a hamstring injury waiting to happen. I wont draft him this season.

Mathews - Injury prone.

McFadden Injury prone.

Steven Jackson - When does he wear down

Jamal Charles - Coming off knee injury.

Lynch - off the field issues.

Bradshaw- Injury prone and competition.

AP - coming off major knee injury.

Fred Jackson - Heath concerns.

Green-Ellis - can he carry the load?

Keep an eye on injuries and waivers during the season. The key is to jump on someone when they get hot.

Scott King


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