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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Star-Lord Loves Cinabons: Football Extra Points Mock Draft Rounds 6-12

Hey everyone!  Anyone catch Guardians of Galaxy? 

Well, I did.  And who doesn't love a raccoon with a gun?  But the one I thing I learned from watching the movie is that its really annoying when a catchy tune gets stuck in your head.  "Hooked on a Feeling" by B.J. Thomas (and no, I had no idea who performed that song until 2 minutes ago when I Googled it) has been running through me head for like 12 hours straight.  And the worst part about it?  I have no idea what the words to the song are other than "Hooked on a Feeling".  It's pretty embarrassing when you're that guy who basically sings the refrain and then fills the rest of song with "Doobie Do Da da" and other affiliated non-words.    Yeah, I'm that guy that keeps humming a song but doesn't know the words.  I'm so embarrassed I almost want drown myself in Cinabons in penance.  Speaking of Cinabons, its amazing how much butter they use.  It's so much butter that just talking about it making feel like I'm getting a heart attack.  But I digress.

What isn't annoying is fantasy football.  Unless you're not prepared for your draft, of course.  But no worries, we got you covered.  Check out round 6 through 12 of the Football Extra Points Mock Draft with site founder Scott King and myself.  Enjoy!

H #1S #2H #3S #4H #5
6C.J. SpillerChris JohnsonVernon DavisAndre EllingtonJulian Edelman
7Reggie WayneJay CutlerFrank GoreMatt RyanRobert Griffin III
8Rashad JenningsErik DeckerKendall WrightCAR DEFMarques Colston
9Mike WallaceRiley CooperGolden TateKelvin BenjaminCecil Shorts
10Anquan BoldinAZ DEFChris IvoryGreg OlsenJoique Bell
11Dennis PittaPierre ThomasDanny AmendolaDanny WoodheadCincinnatti DEF
12Buffalo DEFMichael VickNE DEFMark IngramRueben Randle 

S #6H #7S #8H #9S #10
6Andrew LuckRob GronkowskiNick FolesRyan MathewsTorrey Smith
7Bishop ShankeySteven JacksonShane VereenSammy WatkinsKyle Rudolph
8Denver DEFColin KaepernickSF DEFJason WittenSEA DEF
9Maurice Jones-DrewTerrance WilliamsKnowshon MorenoDeAndre HopkinsGreg Jennings
10Brandin CooksStevan RidleyJordan ReedFred JacksonJosh Gordon
11Terrence WestDwayne BoweDoug BaldwinMike EvansChristine Michael
12Johnny ManzielKC DEFCarson PalmerSTL DEFShonne Greene

Honestly, as you can tell, I'm a big fan of taking defenses in the last rounds.  At the same time, I totally understand taking one of the elite defenses in the 8th or 9th round.  Also, one thing that's clear is that there are plenty of flyers you can take at WR, so don't feel obligated to take a WR3 early.  Disagree with our picks?  Sound off below!  Just don't include lyrics for "Hooked on a Feeling".  Unless its "doobie do da da", I'm fairly certain I wouldn't recognize it anyway.

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Football Extra Points 2014 Fantasy Football Preview Radio Special

Hey everyone!

Missed the show where Scott King and Ha Kung Wong discuss draft targets and sleepers for 2014 in the NFL Fantasy Football Preview on August 7, 2014 at 9 PM EST because you were busy watching re-runs of 24?  Well, they don't blame you.  But if you wanted to get some mediocre insight, give it a listen HERE.

And feel free to sound off below!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Football Extra Points Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Rounds 1 to 5


In case you haven't been keeping up on Twitter (just follow #FXPMock), the first five rounds of the Football Extra Points Twitter Mock Draft!  "H" refers to teams that I (Ha Kung Wong) picked, and S refers to site founder, Scott King's picks.  Have questions?  Comment below or feel free to tweet us @Rhihan and @ConservativeNFL! 

ROUNDH #1S #2H#3S#4
1LeSean McCoyJamaal CharlesAdrian PetersonMatt Forte
2Drew BreesPercy HarvinAaron RodgersAlshon Jefferey
3Jordy NelsonJulius ThomasAlfred MorrisJulius Thomas
4Reggie BushCordarrelle PatersonLarry FitzgeraldT.Y. Hilton
5Pierre GarconMichael CrabtreeDeSean JacksonVictor Cruz

1Marshawn LynchEddie LacyCalvin JohnsonDemaryius Thomas
2Jimmy GrahamBrandon MarshallZac StaceyDemarco Murry
3Le'Veon BellKeenan AllenGiovanni BernardVincent Jackson
4Ben TateJermey MaclinAndre JohnsonRandall Cobb
5Roddy WhiteCameron JordanMatthew StaffordMichael Crabtree

1Peyton ManningAJ Green
2Arian FosterDez Bryant
3Montee BallDoug Martin
4Julio JonesToby Gerhart
5Wes WelkerCam Newton

Just a few thoughts from my teams.  My favorite teams so far are my 3rd and 9th teams.

The 3rd team was built on AP and Rodgers, but filled out nicely with a two upside WRs in Fitzy and D-Jax in his new location with RGIII.  I wasn't sure how I felt about taking a QB early, but with these five in the first five, I think it's a viable strategy.

As for the 9th team, it's a peculiar pick to be at since all the premium RBs are gone, so I decided to take the best QB on the board in Peyton Manning.  Understandably, he's going to regress closer to 40-42 TDs this year than 50, but honestly, with all the yards he'll put up, I'll take it.  Foster in the second round felt good, and I'm happy with Julio Jones and Wes Welker in the fourth and fifth, but Montee Ball is a bit of a risk.  He wasn't able to protect Peyton last year and also suffered from butterfingers, which led to plenty of time on the pine, so there's potential here for Bust City: The Second One (that's a tip of the hat to the new Sharknado movie, coming soon!).  So I'll have to shore up with a few more RBs, but I think it's worth the risk.

Remember, many more rounds coming, so keep tuning in!

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fantasy Football Twitter Mock Draft!

Interested in who Football Extra Points founder, Scott King, and Managing Editor, Ha Kung Wong, would draft in a 10-team, standard fantasy football league?  Well you can follow them both now on Twitter @ConservativeNFL and @Rhihan or just follow #FXPMock as they mock draft over the next couple days!  What are you waiting for, fantasy football season is just around the corner!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

San Francisco 49ers State of the Pre-Season

With football season on the horizon, a revamped San Francisco 49ers squad is looking to break their recent streak of “close but no cigar” playoff showings. Equipped with a brand new stadium and a dynamic new energy instilled in the players, San Francisco intend to play for keeps.
The new Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara is slated to open as one of the most technologically and ecologically impressive structures standing in service of the National Football League. The western roof of the stadium is lined with forty different types of native plants and is easily the most recognizable aspect of the stadium when viewed from a distance. The ecological addition to the stadium will reduce the reflective heat signature of the stadium, a factor that contributes to global warming. A complete representation of the Bay Area itself, Levi’s Stadium will not only be green, but technologically advanced. The Santa Clara home of the San Francisco 49ers (it will sound more natural as time passes) features state of the art WiFi that will allow the 60,000-plus fans in attendance to connect wirelessly to the action on the field. 

An impressive new stadium has already garnered record ticket sales, but what good is a world class stadium without a team to match?

The 49ers have been busy this off-season. New talent that emerged last year in the form of tight end Vance McDonald, and wide receiver Quinton Patton have news outlets buzzing with speculation over how the team’s offense will connect.

At Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick has been paid handsomely with his new contract, illustrating the faith of the fans and management in the explosive athlete. Kaepernick’s skills haven’t snuffed out hope for newly-acquired Blaine Gabbart to make his mark on the team. Gabbart has been turning heads and according to Coach Harbaugh, he “asks all the right questions.” Notorious for his ability to bring out the best in unpolished Quarterbacks, Harbaugh’s faith in Gabbart is reassuring to the masses that were skeptical about the player who left a very underwhelming mark in Jacksonville.

Wide receivers are also doing their part to create a positive buzz in the Bay Area. The return of veteran-warrior Anquan Boldin has solidified a veteran presence with the addition of the already-impressive Brandon Lloyd, both of whom are able to bring out the best in superstar Michael Crabtree.

All in all I think the Bay Area is destined to continue to make its mark in sports history. Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice may have burned the 49ers legend on the other side of the bay, but the dynasty is just now hitting its stride.

By Chris Flagler (Twitter: @ThaKai27)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Green Flames: Oakland Athletics Coming in Hot to June

OAKLAND, CA -- The Oakland Athletics have been unselfishly and non-traditionally cleaning up Major League Baseball lately. Statisticians may have several answers for why Oakland has enjoyed such success lately, but the bottom line harkens back to the oldest sports fundamental: the team comes first. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Oakland Raiders Poised for Potential Domination

OAKLAND, CA --- After some deft maneuvers in this years NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders are poised for what could be a very exciting year. New faces to the team such as Matt Schaub, Justin Tuck and Maurice Jones Drew have the potential to bring veteran superstar energy to a similarly talented rookie squad.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oakland A’s Setting the Tone for another Competitive Year

OAKLAND, CA— Spring sunshine is setting in around the Bay Area but temperature isn’t the only thing heating up as Oakland Athletics are on fire. On the mound new talent such as Jesse Chavez and Sonny Gray are putting up impressive stats and on offense established heroes like Coco Crisp and Josh Reddick are making noise at the plate.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Live Blog and Analysis of the 2014 NFL Draft!

Hey everyone, ready for some live blogging of the NFL Draft?  And want comments on every pick in the first round?  Well, here you go!

Round 1

Pick 1
Houston Texans
  • Amazing, the Texans are really taking their time.  Are they thinking of making a trade to avoid having to pick Clowney at number 1?  He doesn't quite fit the system in Houston.
  • They took David Carr and Mario Williams the last two times they were number one in the draft.
  • They really need a quarterback, maybe they're still thinking Johnny Football?  That would be crazy.
  • It IS DE Jadeveon Clowney.  What took so long?  And why is everyone booing Goodell?
  • It's as expected.  It will be interesting to see if he can disrupt backfields in the NFL as effectively as he did in college, particularly after what was a down year.

Bears Obvious Draft Choice at Defense

The Chicago Bears will be sitting pretty with the 14th pick in Thursday's draft, as they have a lot of flexibility. That also can mean the Bears have a lot of holes to fill.

The Bears defense had a colossal meltdown last season. They were last in run defense and gave up more points than all but two other teams in the NFL. The defense was the reason the Bears finished the season 8-8 and missed the playoffs.

Do you know on;y one other team in the league scored more points than the Bears last season? That team was the Denver Broncos and I don't have to tell you how that offense faired in the post season.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thank Goodness Jack Nicholson is Not in Star Wars: Who the Packers Should Take in the First Round of the Draft

He's baaaack!!

No, I'm not talking about Jack Nicholson from "The Shining" (in one of the more traumatic memories I had as a kid watching a crazed Nicholson chase his family around the creepy giant, vacant, isolated hotel with an axe -- and I never quite figured out what a Shining was, nor why any normal person wanted to stay in huge empty hotel over the winter in an isolated part of nowhere -- eek...).  And I'm not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger from "The Terminator" (which, by the way, is a totally awesome movie with more gaps in logic than...well...than one of my articles).  I'm talking about...drum roll please...Han Solo!

If you didn't hear (and if you really didn't hear, what's wrong with you?), the cast of Star Wars VII was announced last week.  And although I'm excited about Carrie Fischer and Mark Hamill reprising their roles in the movie as Princess Leia (shouldn't she be a Queen by now?) and Luke Skywalker, what I'm really excited about is Harrison Ford coming back as Han Solo.  Why?  Well, Han Solo is the cool kid.  He's the guy that everyone wanted to be because he's essentially a bad guy, but he has good intentions, and no matter what he did, he always looked cool doing it.  But, strangely enough, Harrison Ford always hated Han Solo, so us long suffering Star Wars fans (and I mean long suffering because we had to suffer through that poor excuse for a prequel trilogy) had little hope he would return.  

The point is that sometimes you just can't predict what's going to happen, and sometimes that can lead to a pleasant surprise.  So who will the Packers take their first round pick, and will Packers fans be pleasantly surprised?  Let's take a look.

Chris Johnson's Impact On The Jets

There was a time in which Chris Johnson was thought of as one of the best running backs in the NFL. He could contribute in a variety of ways for the Tennessee Titans, and he was also one of the fastest guys out on the field. With plenty of mileage on his body and the fact that he will be 29 early on in the 2014 season, his fantasy football value has taken a hit. He will be looking for a bounce back season with his new team, the New York Jets.

Last season, Johnson was a top 10 running back in fantasy football. That might sound like a productive season, but he has actually been pretty disappointing for the last 3 years. It is not like he is a complete does, but he simply isn't what he used to be. He seems to be really in love with trying to be a searcher and a bit of a freelancer out there on the field instead of being an explosive running back. That is a big reason why he is so hit or miss on a week-to-week basis.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vince Vaughn is Not a Douche: Who the Bears Should Take in First Round of the Draft

Hey good lookin'!

Oh sorry about that, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to the person behind you.  Have you ever been in that situation?  Where you think someone waves at you but they're actually waving at someone behind you?  Or worse, when you start talking to someone on the street but then realize that they're actually talking to someone else on a Bluetooth headset?  And really, what's with Bluetooth headsets anyway.  Are phones really that heavy that people can't hold them up their heads?

Remember this douchy bad guy from Resident Evil: Apocalypse?  No?  Good.
At any rate, the point is that sometimes you think you've made a connection with someone, and it turns out it was just a bad misinterpretation.  Like when the Jets traded up to the fifth pick to select Mark Sanchez as their franchise quarterback.  Unless "franchise quarterback" means "total bust that will be best remembered for the butt fumble", in which case, mission accomplished, Jets.

Well, the 2014 NFL Draft is almost upon us and it's time once again to talk about who the Chicago Bears should take in the first round.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Deep Fryers Make Everything Awesome: The Giants in Free Agency - Part III

Ever wonder why fried foods taste so good?

It's really amazing.  For instance, I hate vegetables of all kinds.  But for some reason, if you batter some broccoli and deep fry it, it's totally awesome.  So you can imagine how blown away I was when I was channel surfing (since I clearly have attention deficit disorder...wait was that a dancing cat I saw?) and I ran into the show "Deep Fried Masters" on Destination America.  Basically, the show/competition revolves around masters of the deep fryer making the best deep fried dish.  And by "best dish" I mean the dish most likely to cause me to have a heart attack in under 30 seconds.  Of course, based on my horrible diet, it doesn't take much to tip me over the edge.  But if I have to have a heart attack, then it might as well be fried mini burgers.  I kid you not.  They actually did it.  It's really brilliant, as what could be more awesome than burgers than battering the burger and deep frying it?  Definitely deserving of some sort of Nobel Prize.  

I honestly have no idea what this award is for.
The point is that often times, the things that are worst for us are the things we want the most.  And that's just as true in football.  Sometimes, the big name (I'm looking at you Chris Johnson) might not be any good for your team (I'm sorry Jet fans, this is not going to end well).  So let's take a look at how the Giants fared in free agency.  Did they go for the fried food big names, or were they smart about they're pick ups?  Now that we discussed who the Giants Kept and Ditched, let's discuss who they Picked Up in free agency.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Peggy Bundy likes Procrastinating Cats: The Giants in Free Agency - Part II

Ever wonder why you always procrastinate?

I mean, why is it that every time you have something important to do, you end up watching five hours of Youtube videos of dancing cats with sombreros?  Well, not always sombreros, sometimes you watch the ones with dancing cats in tutus, hula skirts, cowboy hats...well, you get the picture.  Heck, back in 1978, only 5% of Americans admitted to chronically procrastinating while by 2009 its closer to 20%. So why are we getting so lazy about getting things done?  Well, turns out, it may be genetic.

According to a recent study, you might be able to blame your parents for why you can't go to the gym to lose those stubborn 15 pounds you got for drinking 1 (or 100) too many beers.  Yup, believe it or not, procrastination might be genetic (I kid you not, check it out here).  And better yet, it might be because being impulsive is genetic.  Turns out, you might be hardwired to get immediate gratification at the expense of your long term goals.  So don't worry, you really couldn't help yourself when you decided to grab that double fudge caramel brownie instead of going out for a jog.  Hey, it worked for famous lazy characters such as Dennis Reynolds of "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fame and Kenny Powers of "Eastbound and Down."  Or for those of you who are older, think a male, less intelligent, more self-centered Peggy Bundy from "Married with Children".  And look how she turned out?  She ended up being the wife of a motorcycle gang leader in "Sons of Anarchy".  So procrastinate away!

The point is sometimes you can blame something out of your control for not getting something done, and sometimes you can only blame yourself.  And for who the Giants Ditched in free agency, they only have themselves to blame.  But do they deserve the blame?  Now that we've discuss who the GIants Kept in free agency, let's take a look at significant players who the Giants Ditched.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oakland Gears up for Texas Showdown in April

After setting the tone with an initial victory against the Houston Astros, the Oakland Athletics are preparing to finish out April against former Republic of Texas with daily games against both the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers. Spanning from the 18th until the end of the month the Athletics will be engaged in an MLB duel with both teams. There will be no break in the action as every day will feature a game until May, before the Athletics face off against Boston. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shady Loves Chutes & Ladders: The Giants in Free Agency - Part I

Shady McCoy obviously was not a Gators fan.

As we've all probably seen by now, LeSean McCoy told "reporters" (and by "reporters" I'm referring to a camera man working for TMZ, an outlet know for it's tough nose journalism -- and by "tough nose journalism" I'm referring to absolute crap that really doesn't qualify as news, but that I read about and watch anyway since I'm a sucker for manufactured controversy and poor reporting mixed with snarky commentary...wait, that reminds me of something...) that if it came down to taking Tim Tebow or his 2-year-old son for his football team, he'd go with his son.

Little did we know that LeSean McCoy's son was a prodigy.
Sounds mean, doesn't it?  Now, in context, the camera man was asking about "the most talented player not currently on a roster".  But perhaps Shady misunderstood the question.  Perhaps he was thinking "who was the most talented Chutes & Ladders player not currently on a roster."  Heck, for all we know, Tebow could be a terrible Chutes & Ladders player.  Perhaps he always ends on the chutes and is always last.  Or maybe Shady thought the question was "who was the most talented Hide & Seek player not currently on a roster".  And Tebow could be one of those guys who's just too big to find a good hiding spot in 20 seconds.  That's not a lot of time for us normal people, but Tebow is a pretty big guy.  Can't imagine that hiding under a table or behind a curtain is going to work for him.  So let's not all go jumping to conclusions here.  I'd take Shady's 2-year-old son over Tebow too if I needed a Chutes & Ladders or Hide & Seek partner.  Of course, I'd also take his 2-year-old son over Tebow if I needed a quarterback...but I digress.

Remember when this was popular?  What in the world were we thinking...
One thing there's no confusion about is that the New York Giants had a lot of work to do in the off season, and with the way that Eli Manning played last year, Shady's 2-year-old son might be an upgrade for the Giants as well.  So let's take a closer look at who the Giants Kept, Ditched and Picked Up in free agency, starting with significant players the Giants Kept.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where's the Beef, Veronica Mars?: The Packers in Free Agency - Part III

Why didn't I have a Veronica Mars at my high school?

To those who don't know, Veronica Mars is the old defunct TV show come Kickstarter movie staring a wise-cracking Kristen Bell as a high schooling (and later college going) private detective.  Sure, I thought it was kinda goofy at first, but since I'm a slave to Rotten Tomatoes (the movie review site) and always troll the site for what new movies are "fresh", I ran across the remarkably "fresh" review of the new Veronica Mars movie.  This movie, if you didn't know, was actually made on money raised on Kickstarter.  So you know the show must be good if there are enough people who want to blindly donate money just to see a movie made seven years after the TV show was cancelled.

Now I know it's been a long time since I've been in high school, but I really don't remember having a resident detective in my high school.  But I imagine it would have made life a lot easier. Like I could have finally figured out where I left my favorite pen.  Or where all the doors on all the bathroom stalls went.  No kidding, you'd think that of all the things you'd want to save money on in a school, the doors on the bathroom stalls wouldn't be one of them.  Or perhaps I'd finally figure out why the school cafeteria only served Grade D beef.  I mean, I'm not expecting Grade A Prime here, but Grade D?  Seriously?  I'm not even 100% sure what that is, or whether it actually qualifies as beef.  I've heard some have said there's no such thing as Grade D beef.  I've also heard that it meets only one requirement: "fit for human consumption".  Conspiracy?  Where was Veronica Mars then?  

I not 100% sure if these are burgers or some sort of new leather Frisbees.
OK, so you probably figured out that my high school wasn't among the most exciting places.  And it's usually more likely that you've managed to dream up a conspiracy than there actually being one.  But some might disagree when it comes to sports.  Anyone ever hear of "Suck for Luck"?  Yeah, I know you Indianapolis Colts fans have.  And how about Philadelphia 76ers tanking to get a high draft pick?  Well, OK, that team just might not be capable of winning games, so perhaps I'm wrong on that one, but you get what I mean.  Packers fans might be thinking there's some conspiracy in Green Bay right now, as management doesn't seem to be taking free agency very seriously.  Conspiracy?  Or all part of the plan?  Now that we've talked about who the Packers Kept and Ditched, let's see who they Picked Up.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grumpy Cat Loves Sarah Palin: The Packers in Free Agency - Part II

Having a bad day?

Well, so is Grumpy Cat, who somehow became famous after photo and videos of her un-Photoshopped face became viral in 2012.  Believe it or not, Grumpy Cat just became 2.  Yeah, I’m not terribly excited about that either.  But for some reason, I almost pulled the trigger on one of this Grumpy Cat toy:

I look like Ha Kung feels basically every morning.
It just goes to show that just about anything can be famous.  Silly things like Tebowing.  Or deep fried Oreos.  Or the Kardasians.  Or Snooki.  Or Sarah Palin.  Just kidding, I actually like deep fried Oreos.  But I digress.

Giving the thumbs up is still cool, right?
In 2013, the Packers had several unexpected occurrences much more surprising than Sarah Palin’s rise to stardome (and actually, her skit on Jimmy Fallon was kinda funny).  Yet, as we discussed before, they still managed to make the playoffs.  Perhaps unfortunately, some of those players who stepped up in 2013 are on their way out the door.  Since we discussed who the Packers Kept last time, let’s now turn to significant players who the Packers have Ditched in free agency so far.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Liam Neeson is Just Like Bacon: The Packers in Free Agency - Part I

Liam Neeson is indestructible.

Some time after being Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, someone figured out that Liam Neeson is better in movies with less dialog and a lot more guns.  In fact, this became such a revelation that Liam Neeson's last 5 movies have almost identical plots.  Let's take a closer look:

Taken - Someone takes Liam Neeson's daughter, Liam Neeson proceeds to kick everyone's ass until he get's his daughter back.

Unknown - Liam Neeson loses his memory, Liam Neeson proceeds to kick everyone's ass until he gets his memory back.

The Grey - A bunch of people crash in the wilderness with Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson proceeds to kick everyone's ass (including all the wolves in Alaska) until they get back.

Taken 2 - Someone takes Liam Neeson and his wife, Liam Neeson proceeds to kick everyone's ass until they get back.

Non-Stop - Someone takes a bunch of passengers on an airplane hostage with Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson proceeds to kick everyone's ass until they get back.

I'm surprisingly good at this for being 61 years old.
Yeah, I think I see a pattern here.  But the simple truth is adding Liam Neeson to anything makes it awesome.  Sort of like bacon.  So Liam Neeson is like the bacon of movies.  Imagine how awesome the Smurfs would have been with Liam Neeson.  OK, you're right.  That movie is so terrible, even Liam Neeson couldn't save it.  But I digress.

Unfortunately, unlike Liam Neeson and movies, it's not as clear cut what will improve a football team.  And it's even more applicable to a team like the Green Bay Packers.  As a testament to their ability, even without Aaron Rodgers for a significant part of the season, they still managed to string enough wins together to win the NFC North (unfortunately, at the expense of my Bears), but just fell short of advancing past Wild Card weekend.  So what have they done so far in free agency to ensure continued success in 2014?  Well, let's take a look at who they Kept, Ditched and Picked Up, starting with significant players Kept by the Packers.