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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time for the Philadelphia Eagles to Panic?

Is it time for the Philadelphia Eagles to panic? No, probably not just yet. Should they be worried? In a word, yes. On October 2, 2011 the Philadelphia Eagles took a 20-3 halftime lead into the locker room at Lincoln Financial field against the visiting San Francisco 49ers. In the second half, they slowly and painfully watched that lead evaporate, eventually losing the game 24-23 after only mustering a field goal in the second half. Sound familiar? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Imperial Stormtroopers Like Coffee: Early Week 4 Fantasy Football Pickups

Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?

Of course you all remember the line from Star Wars when Luke tries to rescue Princess Leia in the Death Star detention center.  And if you don't remember the line, you need to put this article away and go watch Star Wars IMMEDIATELY.  Don't worry, I'll wait.

OK, now that you've watched Star Wars and know what I'm talking about, let's get to the point.  If you didn't know, Stormtroopers in Star Wars are clones.  It's a little unclear, but it appears there was a little genetic engineering done to make them good soldiers.  Which is why I was always surprised by how terrible they were at aiming their weapons and, well, generally doing Stormtrooper stuff.  You know, like securing prisoners, checking for hostiles in enemy vessels, keeping the core of the Death Star secure, shooting things, finding droids that they're looking for, marching randomly down corridors, learning an Australian/Kiwi accent (and if you've managed to watch the Star Wars prequels, you know what I'm talking about and you're still angry about it), taking care of Stormtrooper laundry, getting coffee and other assorted Stormtrooper tasks.  But I digress.

It turns out that we've already genetically engineered humans and they're graduating from high school this year.  I kid you not.  Check out the article here.  Will they be Stormtroopers?  I hope not, because that would be terrible.  I mean, imagine finding out that you were genetically modified and then finding out that instead of being super human, you're best genetically engineered asset was not being able to shoot anything you were aiming at?  Or not ever finding the droids you're looking for?  I imagine that would suck just a little bit.

Regardless, wouldn't it be cool if you had genetically engineered football players for your fantasy team?  Well, can't help you there, but I can help you with some early Week 4 fantasy football pickups:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NFL Stragglers - Winless Teams in the NFL

After three weeks of the regular season, there are still three teams left without a win. It's a case of the usual suspects here, as those teams are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Those teams haven’t had a winning season since 2007, 2002 and 2010 respectively. 

With hopes already in tatters, is it possible that any of these sides can turn things around this season? Let’s take a look back at their season so far, and see where it’s all going wrong.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Derrick Rose Might Not Like Godzilla: Early Week 3 Fantasy Football Pickups

I had dinner with Derrick Rose this past weekend.

OK, so we weren't at the same table, but he was at the same restaurant and he was only a table over from me.  And while he was sitting at the table next to me, I was thoroughly distracted by trying to figure the best time to go to talk to him.  I remembered the entire Reggie Jackson thing (and if you missed it, I detailed that chance meeting here), when I finally asked him to sign my napkin in a plane as we were getting up to leave and Reggie looked at me like "wow, you really need to work on your timing".  Either that or something in the airplane food didn't sit right with him.  Which is totally possible because we had a ham sandwich, and the ham kinda looked like Godzilla shed it off as an extra layer of outer skin and then proceeded to dry it out in the sun for a week.  Oh, and then added some pink food coloring.  But I digress.

Bryan Cranston basically can make any movie good.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arizona Cardinals v. San Francisco 49ers Breakdown

Where big football games are to be played, the NFC West will usually be pretty close to the action. The Seattle Seahawks are the ones currently setting the bar for football teams to match, no matter what the San Diego Chargers might say. Yet they were pinned to the tails of their collars by the San Francisco Forty-Niners for long spells in two big games on their way to that Super Bowl win, and were lucky to come through those games unscathed. Similarly, the Arizona Cardinals went to Seattle and won a regular season game that they simply had to take. The Cardinals were arguably the team most unlucky to miss out on the post-season, finishing 10-6 in this notoriously difficult division. The St. Louis Rams have also built a solid football team, one who can mix it with the best on the rare occasions that they can actually put all their best players on the field on the same day. Unlike most teams who finish bottom in their division, the Rams remain competitive against all comers.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the teams of the NFC West are going to be involved in some of the more promising contests of the weekend.  The Seahawks are set to face off against the Denver Broncos in a much-hyped re-match from last year’s Super Bowl. The Rams will take on the Dallas Cowboys, which might not sound terribly exciting or important on the face of it, but the Cowboys games are always followed closely around the world, for good or ill. Yet the most intriguing contest of all may well be the clash of NFC West sides, as the Forty-Niners travel to Arizona to take on the division-leading Cardinals.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Single People Love New Coke: Early Week 2 Fantasy Football Pickups

Not all new ideas are good ones.

I know many of you remember "New Coke".  And if you don't remember it, that's OK, it was terrible.  For those who need a little history lesson, back in 1985, Coke thought that perhaps they could jump start sales by making Coke even sweeter.  Really?  You bet.  It wasn't good enough that Coke is so acidic it could be used to clean dirty car battery leads (and I'm not joking about that) and that it was so sweet that it could literally eat through your teeth in half a second.  Coke thought people wanted even MORE sugar in their soda.  I'm fairly certain that when people were at the super market, they weren't thinking "if only Coke had double the sugar so that I could go into a diabetic coma when I drank it, I'd totally buy another six pack."  And lo and behold, 3 months later, Coke figured out that customers in a diabetic coma had difficulty buying more Coke and took "New Coke" off the market.  Well played, Coke.  But there are even worse ideas than that.

Now I don't remember this one, but just ran across this in an article on MSN.  Apparently, in 1974, Gerber tried to make baby food for adults.  I kid you not.  Basically, they thought that single people were so lazy, that they didn't even want to bother with inconveniences like picking up the phone to order a pizza, heating up a frozen dinner, or, apparently, chewing food.  So they made a line of blended food called Gerber Singles. According to the MSN article, Susan Casey in the October 2000 issue of Business 2.0 wrote "They might as well have called it 'I Live Alone and Eat My Meals From a Jar'".  Now that would have been a sweet name for a product!  But I digress.

The point is that no one can tell the future.  You may think something is a good idea today, but tomorrow it turns out you were a complete moron.  So here's some of my pre-moron picks for early Week 2 fantasy football pickups (again all with Yahoo ownership under 50%):

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The NFC East continues to be the NFC Least

A division that is rich in history and is one of the most celebrated in football has taken a skydive from grace. The NFC's eastern division boasts 20 Super Bowl appearances and 12 titles (no help from the Eagles by the way), but in this age of instant gratification, the past doesn't matter all that much. The most recent event is what NFL fans tend to remember. The division went 1-3 in week one. It was saved from 0-4 by the Eagles' second half thrashing of the Jaguars.

Here's where we stand:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Miami Dolphins v. Buffalo Bills Breakdown

There will be plenty of choices this Sunday for quality games to watch in the 1pm slot. Detroit at Carolina should be fierce.  Atlanta going to Cincinnati could be a real barnburner, while New England faces an intriguing test when they go to Minnesota. But the most interesting game could well be the clash of two up-and-coming sides from the AFC East, where Miami head north towards Buffalo.

The AFC East was widely heralded as another cakewalk for the Patriots yet again. The Dolphins have no offensive line; the Bills lost Kiko Alonso for the year, while the Jets still have Rex Ryan. To be fair to Ryan, he will always keep the Jets competitive, especially in divisional games. But the real story from the division is that the two teams perennially in rebuilding mode may finally be about to crack the code and make some progress.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Isn't That Kangeroo Cute?: Early Week 1 Fantasy Football Pickups

Anyone catch that Dish Network commercial with NFL football busts?

Well, I sure did, and I thought it was great…once I figured out who “The Boz” was of course.  Heck, I remember Matt Leinart from the infamous "Reggie Bush Push" where Bush pushed him into the endzone to beat Notre Dame as time expired.  That was a dark day for me, let me tell you.  But if you’re going to pick NFL busts for a commercial, why not Ryan Leaf, who might be the ultimate NFL bust.  After busting out of the NFL he apparently then busted out of making intelligent life choices by resorting to stealing prescription meds from his neighbor’s house.  At some point you have to take a step back and say “Even doing Dish Network commercials that make fun of me is better than this.” and just bite the bullet and start making fun of yourself.  Or at least avoid breaking and entering, I’m mean, that just sounds like the minimum you can do.  One of my guiding principles in life is “don’t commit any felonies”.  The other, of course, is “don’t tip a waiter less than 10% if you ever intend to return unless you have a high tolerance for unsavory covert additions to your food”.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, try watching the movie “Waiting”.  As Ryan Reynolds says “don’t mess with the people who prepare your food.”  Eek.  And, by the way, isn't kangeroo cute?  But I digress.

The point is I can’t go back to college, so here I am again giving you subpar semi-passable fantasy advice.  Without further waste of your time, here are my early pickups for week one, including percentage ownership in standard Yahoo leagues (most of which are under 50% Owned).

Derek Carr – QB - 9% Owned

There was much to do about Matt Schaub’s move to Oakland.  Turns out the Raiders front office were among the only people on the planet who failed to watch Schaub play last year.  And it also turns out that Schaub was just as bad as we remembered him and we actually weren’t going to wake up from some strange dream a la the movie “Wisdom” (and if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, don’t worry, it wasn’t that good of a movie.  It’s just that it happened to be the movie of the month on HBO when I was 12 or something like that and I ended up watching it like 100 times, so I’m forever scarred by the poor acting of Emilio Estevez).  So Oakland smartly turned to its new rookie QB, Derek Carr.  Unfortunately, all that I can think of when someone says “Derek Carr” is Derek’s bust of a brother, David Carr, who was also good in college and not so good in the NFL.  I’m surprised they didn’t get David Carr to star in that Dish Network commercial with Matt Leinart and “The Boz”.  Whoops, another digression.  My bad.

The point is Derek Carr handled himself just fine. Carr was 20 for 32 for 151 yards and 2 touchdowns, and most importantly, no picks.  Can’t really hope for more from a Raiders QB, as with Matt Schaub it wasn’t a question of IF he got intercepted, but a question of whether one of his picks gets returned for a touchdown.  Need a backup QB in 12-team leagues and deeper?  Carr might be a good stash.

Chris Ivory – RB - 31% Owned

Come on, you didn’t think CJ2K was going to be CJ2K again, did you?  Or maybe you just thought that Chris Ivory really wasn’t that good?  Well, he’s no CJ2K, but neither is Chris Johnson anymore.  And although shared carries abound in the future, I have no worries that Ivory will get his share and have further highlights like showing off his speed (but almost getting caught while celebrating down the field) in his 71 yard TD.  Ivory tallied 10 carries for 102 yards and a touchdown against a subpar Oakland defense, but you could do worse for an RB3/4 in your 10-team fantasy league or deeper.

Mark Ingram – RB – 54% Owned

I know what you’re thinking. Not again.  Yeah, I know, we all thought Ingram was going to be the man last year.  And the year before.  And we all know how that turned out.  But just hear me out.  Ingram was clearly the primary ground option 3-of-4 quarters and came through with 13 carries for 60 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He had a great preseason, and so far, it looks to be carrying into the regular season.  Along with one reception, his 14 touches led all Saints running backs.  He’s not going to be reliably consistent from week to week, but it looks like he’ll be given the lion’s share of the committee for now.  Worth a look as an RB3/4 in a 10-team league or deeper.

Steve Smith – WR – 39% Owned

Remember back when people said Steve Smith, there was only one?  And then there were two, but the older Smith started to fade into obscurity?  Then he became revitalized in Carolina and the other Smith disappeared?  Then the senior Smith gets traded away because we all think he’s done?  Well, turns out the story isn’t over yet.  Steve Smith Senior caught 7-of-15 targets for 118 yards and a touchdown and looked every bit as spry and strong as he ever was.  Sure he started slow with some drops, and sure a big chunk of his stats came from an 80-yard touchdown, but he looked good earning those yards by breaking two tackles on the way to the endzone.  He won’t be this every week, but the potential for this type of production earn him a spot on your WR4/5 radar in 12-team leagues or deeper.

Injury Backups

There’s a slew of injuries as well, so keep a close eye on the injuries to Eddie Lacy, Ben Tate and Doug Martin.  James Starks (16% Owned), Terrance West (38% Owned) and Bobby Rainey (3% Owned), respectively, are all potential upside stashes in case these injuries are serious.

So get out there and make those pickups!  No time to waste!  You don't want to be like Ryan Leaf do you?  I didn't think so.

By Ha Kung Wong
(Twitter: @Rhihan)

An Imperfect 10: Washington's biggest question mark in 2014 is RG3

The Washington Redskins turned over almost half the roster from the Shanahan regime. With that said, the offense that was ranked fifth in 2012 and led the team to the playoffs remains virtually unchanged. Out of 11 starters, eight remain, and the three new guys (DeSean Jackson, Jordan Reed, Shawn Lauvao) are improvements. If you throw in another good option like Andre Roberts, you'd think the offense would get rolling again, right?

Not so fast.

The problem is under center.

Will the Cowboys defense prove all of us wrong?

The Cowboys fielded the worst defense in the NFL last season. In most cases you would just wipe the slate clean and move on. You can't do that with this team.

A unit that allowed 415 yards and 27 points per game did not make any improvements. On the contrary, they got worse. Jason Hatcher is in Washington, Demarcus Ware is a Bronco, and Sean Lee is out for the season. For what it's worth, Orlando Scandrick is also suspended for the first quarter of the season. Feeble attempts like signing Rolando McClain and C.J. Spillman don't fly with me, so I'll have to give Jerry Jones and his front office a big fat F for this offseason.

They should call it “Big A” this year because there's no “D” in Dallas right now.

Atlanta's quest to reclaim the NFC South begins Today

It was the worst season of the Mike Smith administration in the dirty south.

The Falcons' 2013 season was marred by injuries to the wide receiver position, poor offensive line play, and a defense that could only be classified as soft. A season in which they were expected to do a lot of damage turned to disaster and they finished with a 4-12 record.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Five Teams that Might Finish on the Bottom

The first week of the season is upon us, which inevitably means that hopes are high for all the teams around the NFL. People talk a lot about it being a league of parity, that struggling teams can bounce back like Kansas City did last year, from picking first in the draft to making the playoffs. The likes of Atlanta, Oakland and Tampa Bay all struggled last year, but have had big off-seasons and may feel like they are on an upward trajectory. But someone always has to be the worst team in the league, and it seems a worthwhile endeavor to examine who the teams likely to end up with the first overall draft selection in 2015 will be. 

Here are five candidates:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Are Turtles Ever Not in a Half Shell?: Four Things I Learned from the Bears v. Seahawks Dress Rehearsal

How could you screw up turtle power?

I mean what could be cooler than ninjas and turtles?  Independently, they’re awesome.  Together, along with a rodent teacher called Splinter, they should be unstoppable.  But somehow, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sucks.  I haven’t watched it, but if you’ve followed my column, you’re aware how much of a slave to Rotten Tomatoes I am.  And a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes is not good.  And as a side note, how in the world do these turtles stay teenagers all these years?  Don’t they ever grow up?  Although I suppose “Thirty Something Mutant Ninja Turtles” doesn’t have the same ring.  And at some point someone has to inform them that “cowabunga” is no longer cool.  But I digress.

Equally disappointing to me, since you all know I’m a Bears fan, was the Bears’ performance against the Seattle Seahawks in the third preseason game.  As we know, the third preseason game is supposed to be a dress rehearsal.  But the Bears looked like they never got out of the green room to perform.  Well here are four things I’ve learned from watching the game – two concerning the Bears and two concerning the Seahawks.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Star-Lord Loves Cinabons: Football Extra Points Mock Draft Rounds 6-12

Hey everyone!  Anyone catch Guardians of Galaxy? 

Well, I did.  And who doesn't love a raccoon with a gun?  But the one I thing I learned from watching the movie is that its really annoying when a catchy tune gets stuck in your head.  "Hooked on a Feeling" by B.J. Thomas (and no, I had no idea who performed that song until 2 minutes ago when I Googled it) has been running through me head for like 12 hours straight.  And the worst part about it?  I have no idea what the words to the song are other than "Hooked on a Feeling".  It's pretty embarrassing when you're that guy who basically sings the refrain and then fills the rest of song with "Doobie Do Da da" and other affiliated non-words.    Yeah, I'm that guy that keeps humming a song but doesn't know the words.  I'm so embarrassed I almost want drown myself in Cinabons in penance.  Speaking of Cinabons, its amazing how much butter they use.  It's so much butter that just talking about it making feel like I'm getting a heart attack.  But I digress.

What isn't annoying is fantasy football.  Unless you're not prepared for your draft, of course.  But no worries, we got you covered.  Check out round 6 through 12 of the Football Extra Points Mock Draft with site founder Scott King and myself.  Enjoy!

H #1S #2H #3S #4H #5
6C.J. SpillerChris JohnsonVernon DavisAndre EllingtonJulian Edelman
7Reggie WayneJay CutlerFrank GoreMatt RyanRobert Griffin III
8Rashad JenningsErik DeckerKendall WrightCAR DEFMarques Colston
9Mike WallaceRiley CooperGolden TateKelvin BenjaminCecil Shorts
10Anquan BoldinAZ DEFChris IvoryGreg OlsenJoique Bell
11Dennis PittaPierre ThomasDanny AmendolaDanny WoodheadCincinnatti DEF
12Buffalo DEFMichael VickNE DEFMark IngramRueben Randle 

S #6H #7S #8H #9S #10
6Andrew LuckRob GronkowskiNick FolesRyan MathewsTorrey Smith
7Bishop ShankeySteven JacksonShane VereenSammy WatkinsKyle Rudolph
8Denver DEFColin KaepernickSF DEFJason WittenSEA DEF
9Maurice Jones-DrewTerrance WilliamsKnowshon MorenoDeAndre HopkinsGreg Jennings
10Brandin CooksStevan RidleyJordan ReedFred JacksonJosh Gordon
11Terrence WestDwayne BoweDoug BaldwinMike EvansChristine Michael
12Johnny ManzielKC DEFCarson PalmerSTL DEFShonne Greene

Honestly, as you can tell, I'm a big fan of taking defenses in the last rounds.  At the same time, I totally understand taking one of the elite defenses in the 8th or 9th round.  Also, one thing that's clear is that there are plenty of flyers you can take at WR, so don't feel obligated to take a WR3 early.  Disagree with our picks?  Sound off below!  Just don't include lyrics for "Hooked on a Feeling".  Unless its "doobie do da da", I'm fairly certain I wouldn't recognize it anyway.

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Football Extra Points 2014 Fantasy Football Preview Radio Special

Hey everyone!

Missed the show where Scott King and Ha Kung Wong discuss draft targets and sleepers for 2014 in the NFL Fantasy Football Preview on August 7, 2014 at 9 PM EST because you were busy watching re-runs of 24?  Well, they don't blame you.  But if you wanted to get some mediocre insight, give it a listen HERE.

And feel free to sound off below!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Football Extra Points Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Rounds 1 to 5


In case you haven't been keeping up on Twitter (just follow #FXPMock), the first five rounds of the Football Extra Points Twitter Mock Draft!  "H" refers to teams that I (Ha Kung Wong) picked, and S refers to site founder, Scott King's picks.  Have questions?  Comment below or feel free to tweet us @Rhihan and @ConservativeNFL! 

ROUNDH #1S #2H#3S#4
1LeSean McCoyJamaal CharlesAdrian PetersonMatt Forte
2Drew BreesPercy HarvinAaron RodgersAlshon Jefferey
3Jordy NelsonJulius ThomasAlfred MorrisJulius Thomas
4Reggie BushCordarrelle PatersonLarry FitzgeraldT.Y. Hilton
5Pierre GarconMichael CrabtreeDeSean JacksonVictor Cruz

1Marshawn LynchEddie LacyCalvin JohnsonDemaryius Thomas
2Jimmy GrahamBrandon MarshallZac StaceyDemarco Murry
3Le'Veon BellKeenan AllenGiovanni BernardVincent Jackson
4Ben TateJermey MaclinAndre JohnsonRandall Cobb
5Roddy WhiteCameron JordanMatthew StaffordMichael Crabtree

1Peyton ManningAJ Green
2Arian FosterDez Bryant
3Montee BallDoug Martin
4Julio JonesToby Gerhart
5Wes WelkerCam Newton

Just a few thoughts from my teams.  My favorite teams so far are my 3rd and 9th teams.

The 3rd team was built on AP and Rodgers, but filled out nicely with a two upside WRs in Fitzy and D-Jax in his new location with RGIII.  I wasn't sure how I felt about taking a QB early, but with these five in the first five, I think it's a viable strategy.

As for the 9th team, it's a peculiar pick to be at since all the premium RBs are gone, so I decided to take the best QB on the board in Peyton Manning.  Understandably, he's going to regress closer to 40-42 TDs this year than 50, but honestly, with all the yards he'll put up, I'll take it.  Foster in the second round felt good, and I'm happy with Julio Jones and Wes Welker in the fourth and fifth, but Montee Ball is a bit of a risk.  He wasn't able to protect Peyton last year and also suffered from butterfingers, which led to plenty of time on the pine, so there's potential here for Bust City: The Second One (that's a tip of the hat to the new Sharknado movie, coming soon!).  So I'll have to shore up with a few more RBs, but I think it's worth the risk.

Remember, many more rounds coming, so keep tuning in!

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fantasy Football Twitter Mock Draft!

Interested in who Football Extra Points founder, Scott King, and Managing Editor, Ha Kung Wong, would draft in a 10-team, standard fantasy football league?  Well you can follow them both now on Twitter @ConservativeNFL and @Rhihan or just follow #FXPMock as they mock draft over the next couple days!  What are you waiting for, fantasy football season is just around the corner!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

San Francisco 49ers State of the Pre-Season

With football season on the horizon, a revamped San Francisco 49ers squad is looking to break their recent streak of “close but no cigar” playoff showings. Equipped with a brand new stadium and a dynamic new energy instilled in the players, San Francisco intend to play for keeps.
The new Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara is slated to open as one of the most technologically and ecologically impressive structures standing in service of the National Football League. The western roof of the stadium is lined with forty different types of native plants and is easily the most recognizable aspect of the stadium when viewed from a distance. The ecological addition to the stadium will reduce the reflective heat signature of the stadium, a factor that contributes to global warming. A complete representation of the Bay Area itself, Levi’s Stadium will not only be green, but technologically advanced. The Santa Clara home of the San Francisco 49ers (it will sound more natural as time passes) features state of the art WiFi that will allow the 60,000-plus fans in attendance to connect wirelessly to the action on the field. 

An impressive new stadium has already garnered record ticket sales, but what good is a world class stadium without a team to match?

The 49ers have been busy this off-season. New talent that emerged last year in the form of tight end Vance McDonald, and wide receiver Quinton Patton have news outlets buzzing with speculation over how the team’s offense will connect.

At Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick has been paid handsomely with his new contract, illustrating the faith of the fans and management in the explosive athlete. Kaepernick’s skills haven’t snuffed out hope for newly-acquired Blaine Gabbart to make his mark on the team. Gabbart has been turning heads and according to Coach Harbaugh, he “asks all the right questions.” Notorious for his ability to bring out the best in unpolished Quarterbacks, Harbaugh’s faith in Gabbart is reassuring to the masses that were skeptical about the player who left a very underwhelming mark in Jacksonville.

Wide receivers are also doing their part to create a positive buzz in the Bay Area. The return of veteran-warrior Anquan Boldin has solidified a veteran presence with the addition of the already-impressive Brandon Lloyd, both of whom are able to bring out the best in superstar Michael Crabtree.

All in all I think the Bay Area is destined to continue to make its mark in sports history. Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice may have burned the 49ers legend on the other side of the bay, but the dynasty is just now hitting its stride.

By Chris Flagler (Twitter: @ThaKai27)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Green Flames: Oakland Athletics Coming in Hot to June

OAKLAND, CA -- The Oakland Athletics have been unselfishly and non-traditionally cleaning up Major League Baseball lately. Statisticians may have several answers for why Oakland has enjoyed such success lately, but the bottom line harkens back to the oldest sports fundamental: the team comes first.